Best Bowie Knife in 2017 – Guide & Reviews

There are many reasons as to why anyone would want to own a Bowie knife. I do not know your reason but one thing stands, we all want the best of the bowie knives. It is always easier said than done. It is no different with selecting the best Bowie knife. There are so many Bowie knives in the market, and the sad news is that some of those are fakes and of the lowest standards.

This review of the best Bowie knives will save you so much trouble of having to try knife after knife and probably never getting it right. Today marks the day that you say goodbye to losing money over buying Bowie knives that do not meet the standards.

Once bitten twice shy, but I say help someone else out not to be bitten as well. That defines my motive while presenting to you the review of the best Bowie knives.

Best Bowie Knife in 2017 - Reviews

1. Timber Rattler Western Outlaw Bowie Knife

Timber Rattler Western Outlaw Bowie Knife

Timber rattler western outlaw Bowie is a knife that steals you everyone's attention. They want to know where you got the knife.

The answer is supposedly always Amazon has got you! There is so much you can do with the full tang steel blade. It is a perfect tool to have with you in the woods.

The 11 3/8 inches blade is heavy and feels solid in hand. The gray hardwood handle looks classic. The hook on the end of the handle, in addition to the brass finger guard, adds to the sure grip and it helps keep the knife on your hand. The guard is made from durable brass and gives the knife some amazing aesthetics.

The blade and handle size allows for excellent stability. The tough steel blade stores inside an included leather sheath. It comes sharp, but if you are like me and need some extra sharpness, you will have to sharpen it a little bit more.


  • Brass guard
  • Hardwood handle
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Excellent size
  • Feels solid in the hands
  • Thick and durable


  • You might come across one shipped dull

2. 12" Survival Bowie Knife

12 Survival Bowie Knife

Overall the 12" Survival Bowie Knife measures 12 inches with a 7 ½ inches blade. The black blade is stainless steel, and that makes for excellent durability.

The blade is further anodized and is thus corrosion resistant. The blade sharpens excellent, and it is not brittle.

The plastic handle makes for an ergonomic design that gives a comfort grip. The blade holds onto the handle securely via a screw. Losing the knife in the woods comes as a no surprise, it is a common occurrence. The 12" Survival Bowie Knife comes with a lanyard.

The package also has a durable ABS sheath that enables you to secure the knife and carry it conveniently. It has incredible edge retention, and the weight allows for perfect balance.


  • Excellent edge retention
  • Great balance
  • Anodized hence corrosion resistance
  • ABS sheath
  • Lanyard cord
  • Ergonomic handle design


  • It does not have a full tang

3. 9" Navy SEALs Tactical Combat Bowie Knife

With the 9" Navy SEALs Tactical Combat Bowie Knife you have got a Navy seals class tactical combat knife at your disposal.

Such is a knife that makes you feel secure and sorted at all times. At 9” with the blade at 5,” it makes for a compact, lightweight knife that is easy to use.

The blade has a thickness of 3.5 mm. I have to admit that you will require some effort to sharpen the first time around. Sharpening after that will be a breeze and less often thanks to the excellent edge retention of the thick blade.

It has a fixed blade making for a lot of blade strength. The sheath is from black nylon fiber with an ergonomic contour design that gives the perfect grip. The blade allows for versatility with the additional reverse saw back.


  • Finger guard
  • Contoured handle gives for a sure grip
  • Serrated blades back side allow for versatility
  • Lightweight hence easy to use3.5 mm blade thickness
  • Nylon sheath
  • Lanyard hole


  • You will have to use your lanyard cord

4. Szco Supplies Carbon Steel Bowie Knife

Szco Supplies Carbon Steel Bowie Knife

Szco Supplies Carbon Steel Bowie Knife delivers to you an impressively large 15” knife. The wooden handle looks great and gives an excellent grip.

To keep you hand off the blade, the manufacturer incorporates a brass guard. Carbon steel makes the blade count among the best in strength and durability.

The full tang on the handle makes the knife capable of handling the intended tasks. The carbon steel blade sharpens easy and retains sharpness.

Both the knife and the leather sheath are a job well done. After use just tuck it safely in the leather sheath, keeps the knife safe and also keeps you safe from injury.


  • Leather sheath
  • Carbon steel blade
  • Wooden handle
  • Brass guardFull tang
  • Blade sharpens well


  • Needs sharpening out of the box before use

5. Ridge Runner Executive Wooden Bowie Knife

Ridge Runner Executive Wooden Bowie Knife

For those who claim the Ridge Runner Executive Wooden Bowie Knife is a combination of elegance and functionality, I cannot agree more.

Wait until you lay eyes on the knife and you could buy one to use for a decorative purpose.

The handle is custom made and detailed with intricate scroll works. The combination of the etched scroll works and the wood inlays makes for the best aesthetics.

The stainless steel blade is durable, and the full tang makes for incredible strength. The blade is razor sharp, and the package comes with a sheath.


  • Stainless steel blade
  • Custom handle
  • Wooden inlays
  • Razor sharp blade out of the box
  • Full tang
  • Velcro strap on the sheath


  • Velcro strap on the sheath don’t seem to hold long

Things To Consider For The Best Bowie Knife

In this review, it is not just about getting to know the best Bowie knives but also a guide on how to narrow down to the best of the best of the Bowie knives. You will qualify to choose the best of the best Bowie knives but not fully. The reason being we undertake rigorous tests on the knives an exercise that you do not have the privilege or capability to do.


Many things depend on the blade material. Things to do with durability and sharpness, materials below par could mean having a brittle knife that will not see you through two days of use. The best materials for a blade will be stainless steel and carbon steel and other such materials.

They make the blade capable of retaining the edge for a long time and stand to some hard knocks during use.


The length of the Bowie will determine the balance of the knife. There is a saying that goes you break the laws of physics, and they will break you. So, get to feel the knife in your hand, and you can tell if the knife gives you the perfect balance.

On the length, we cannot forget the weight. A very light blade will not slash through sticks as well as a relatively heavier knife. Still, too heavy a Bowie will make for difficulty using.


A full tang in some way prevents the blade from breaking. A half tang on the heavy blade will not see you through heavy knife use. The knife will break soon ensuring that you get no value for your money. Under stress, a full tang will stand, but a half tang, on the contrary, will only get you stuck with no option but to buy a new knife.


The sheath is the one thing that makes for the safety and the portability of the Bowie knife. With the knife in the sheath, you are safe from accidentally inflicting injury on yourself. Most sheaths come with a strap that allows for attachment on the trousers.


The best design makes for a lot of things first on the list being ease of use. An ergonomic handle design gives you the perfect grip on your blade. Handles that have some contours adds to a sure grip. To keep the hand safe the finger guard is a feature the manufacturers should never leave out.

Another incredible blade design is the serrated blade back that makes for great knife versatility. From above you can see a manufacturer that includes a hook at the end of the handle to add to the sure grip handle.

Final Verdict

There is no greater satisfaction than getting a product that works as per your expectations. Don't forget the frustration that comes with losing money in the name of buying a product that cannot see the light of the next day of use.

The above-listed Bowie knives will leave you happy and satisfied. You will be glad for the existence of this review of the best Bowie knives. The knives will give you a blend of elegance and functionality. The manufacturers were not driven by making profits only but also your satisfaction. Contact the dealers right away, and you will not regret it.

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