Best Bowie Knife in 2019 – Choose From the Top 10 Lists

Big blades, full tang, and wooden handle. These are what make the best bowie knife. This Spanish-inspired knife was custom made for the fabled knife fighter Jim Bowie.

It's been more than more than a decade, and these knives are still as popular as ever. What makes these big blades so great?

Effectiveness! Great for survival, great for camping, great for hunting, you name it. It's easy to do the chores of smaller knives with a big one, but not the other way around.

There are a bunch of reasons why you would want to pick up and own one.

A good quality full tang bowie knife

One thing is for sure though; we all want the best bang for the buck. But with a staggering collection of wannabe best Bowie knives on Amazon for sale, it becomes tricky to pick just the right one for your needs and budget. 

And let’s face it. A whole lot of those are cheap knock-offs, low-ball knives passed off as the real thing.

In this guide, we cut through the hiccups and strike right to the heart of the real debate—only the good Bowie knives.

Quality Bowie knives do not have to cost you an arm and leg.

Top 10 Bowie Knife in 2019 - Comparison Chart

From chopping down trees to build camp and stripping barks as survival knives, to fishing and scaling, hunting and skinning, and all the way to gardening, we ask: What are the best 10 Bowie knives on the market right now, especially for the money?

Knife Name

Key ​​​​Features

Item Dimensions



11 3/8" Stainless Steel Blades, Full Tang Blade

17 x 4.5 x 1.5

Stainless Steel Blade, Lanyard Cord

7 1/2"

Lightweight, Weighs 1.05 Pounds, 20-degree Edge Angle; Flat Grind

16 x 4.8 x 2.6 

Velcro Strap on the Sheath, 5" razor-Sharp AUS-6 Stainless Steel

10 inches

Sawback Knife, Blade length: 11-1/2"

16.4 x 1.8 x 2.4 

Bowie Knife Reviews: 10 Best Bowie Knives to Buy Right Now

1. Timber Rattler Western Outlaw Bowie Knife

Hardwood Timber Rattler Western Outlaw Bowie review

The Timber Rattler Bowie Knife is a stunning attention-grabber for its charming good looks. But does it perform nearly as well? There is so much you can do with this full tang steel blade. For one, it is a perfect big Bowie to have handy in the woods for most activities.

The 11-3/8 inches blade is heavy for some and ideal for others but feels solid in hand like a quality Bowie knife ought to feel. And the gray hardwood handle looks classic as well. The hook on the end of the handle, in addition to the brass finger guard, add to the sure grip and help keep the bad ass knife on your hand for those hard-pressing, hard duty sessions. The guard is made from durable brass and gives some amazing aesthetics too.

Its blade and handle sizes allow for excellent stability—weight is well balanced and every swing feels well-controlled like you’d want it to. Still, the tough steel blade comes with a genuine leather sheath. It also comes sharp, but you will have to sharpen it from time to time.


  • check-circle
    Feels solid in the hands
  • check-circle
    Stainless steel blade
  • check-circle
    Thick and durable
  • check-circle
    Hardwood handle
  • check-circle
    Brass guard


  • minus-circle
    You might come across one shipped dull

2. 12" Survival Bowie Knife

Survival Bowie Knife with 12 inch blade

Overall, this Survival bowie measures 12” with a 7-½” blade-one of the biggest Bowie knives in its category. The black blade is made of stainless steel, which makes for excellent durability. In addition to that, the blade is further anodized and is hence corrosion resistant. It sharpens excellently, and it is not brittle.

The plastic handle makes for an ergonomic design that gives a satisfying grip, and also makes this a noticeable star in the cool Bowie knives class. The blade locks onto the handle securely via a screw. Losing the knife in the woods comes as no surprise, it is a common occurrence. The screw is in place to keep this medium-large Bowie dangling from your waist. Also, the 12" blade comes with a lanyard.

The package ships with a durable ABS sheath that enables you to secure the knife and carry it conveniently. It has incredible edge retention, and the weight allows for perfect balance.


  • check-circle
    Anodized hence corrosion resistance
  • check-circle
    Ergonomic handle design
  • check-circle
    Excellent edge retention
  • check-circle
    Lanyard cord
  • check-circle
    ABS sheath


  • minus-circle
    It does not have a full tang

3. Ka-Bar Becker BK9 Combat Bowie Knife

Ka-Bar BK9 Bowie knife review

Looking for the best Bowie on Amazon that also doubles in as a fixed blade Bowie? This Ka-Bar bad boy could just be the one sale you are looking for. Let’s find out why in the Ka-Bar Bowie knife review here.

The American-made, 16.8-ounce knife measures 14-3/4” with a 9” blade that is craft out of 1095 high carbon steel. That means it’s a good option for chopping and limbing. If you are looking for a medium-long knife that’s splendid for preparing campfire wood and pruning invasive trees in the backyard or yard, the BK-9 holds its own.

And for less than $100, you get a well-designed, ultra-sharp, durable and quality one that can easily stand in as a survival or combat knife too. The 3/16” thick and clip point blade is suited in a decidedly thick powder coat that helps beat off the rust, although we recommend oiling the whole knife (including the bolts after use).

The handle feels firm and great in the hand. It is coated in Ultramind and finished in an attractive and smooth matte black exterior.

The BK-9 nylon sheath (black in color) is also lightweight, looks good and comes with a molded Kydex finish, so you do not have to take off the belt for you to use the knife. And, a Velcro underneath the retention strap to ensure you can draw out the knife with the strap well off the way.


  • check-circle
    Quality material construct, yet affordable
  • check-circle
    Durable yet lightweight
  • check-circle
    Multi-use knife
  • check-circle
    Full Tang


  • minus-circle
    Take care the high carbon steel dents if you hit a rock

4. Ridge Runner Executive Wooden Bowie

Ridge Runner Wooden Bowie Knife review

The Ridge Runner Executive Wooden Bowie Knife is a combination of elegance and functionality, that’s one. Second. If you are looking for a budget one that keeps the tag for ‘quality Bowie knife for the money’, this Ridge Runner knife is a full size Bowie for just about 20 bucks.

But it hoists out a full tang blade that is tough (AUS-6 steel), making it resistant to bulging under hand pressure like some other brands do despite claiming higher dollars.

And wait until you lay your eyes on this large bad boy. The tastefully curved and wooden handle comes with artistic, intricate scroll works, making this more of a practical knife you would gladly retire to your collection galleria for smitten admirers. Yes, it's that much attractive.

The combination of the etched scroll works and the wood inlays makes for the best aesthetics. Yet, the balance point is right at the rugged and prominent pommel guard as well—although we would not praise it as a throwing knife.

Also, the blade is razor sharp out of the box and the package comes with a nylon knife sheath that has is decidedly roomy. As a matter of fact, it's so roomy (large) it might swing a bit from the waist as you move around.


  • check-circle
    Razor sharp blade out of the box
  • check-circle
    Velcro strap on the sheath
  • check-circle
    Stainless steel blade
  • check-circle
    Custom handle
  • check-circle
    Wooden inlays
  • check-circle
    Full tang bowie knife


  • minus-circle
    Velcro strap on the sheath don’t seem to hold long

5. 9001022 United Cutlery Marine Force Recon Sawback Bowie 

best bowie knives on the market

Right out the box, this knife is massive—the largest bowie knife on our list too. Overall, it is 16-3/8” with an 11-1/2”blade. Also, it is made out of AUS-6 stainless steel, so you won’t have to deal with rust and corrosion. In fact, the blade is corrosion-resistant and comes with a non-glare finish. 

The grip is perhaps the highlighting feature here.

You get an over-molded handle suited in rubber with a long finger guard to keep your digits off the business of the blade. The handle feels just right, and grip is perfect for fighting. For instance, if you are out hunting, hiking or camping, and a wildcat pop out of nowhere spoiling for your blood.

But thanks to its small machete form-factor, it can be weighty a little bit for some people. But others might prefer its intimidating looks and fitting feel in hand. 

Yet you might like the option of the full saw teeth spine and serrated/plain make—although a lot of people might not know what to do with it.

Still, you get a nylon sheath which features snap closure—a thoughtful addition. The bowie knife fits in there snugly thanks to its 1.8-inch thickness, which some might be concerned to be a little thin.

So if you are looking to buy the best quality buoy knife for sale and that strikes a decent balance among utility, pricing, and ergonomics, United Cutlery’s offer is a quality blade on the market that might appeal to you.


  • check-circle
    Great among best large Bowie knives
  • check-circle
    Great size for chopping and abusive utility
  • check-circle
    Cool Bowie knife with awesome grip and ergonomics
  • check-circle
    Good saw back knife and cheap Bowie knife
  • check-circle
    High-quality stainless steel build
  • check-circle
    Durable and good weight for the size


  • minus-circle
    Careful with the pointed end—bends when striking wood
  • minus-circle
    You might need a shorter survival knife to go with it

6. Ontario Spec Plus Marine Raider Bowie Knife

SP10 Marine Raider Bowie knife

Another American made Bowie knife that is among the best Bowie knives used by Special Forces. This tactical Bowie is full tang, and made of 1095 carbon steel for maximum strength and durability even in extended taxing conditions.

That blade extends up to 9.75 inches over the overall Bowie’s expanse of 15.125 inches. That makes it a tad hefty for some people, but it feels rather great in the hand. In fact, it is well-balanced, making every strike smooth and less demanding since the quality Bowie’s weight does most of the work.

The blade is fairly sharp, though, so you might have to sharpen it to your liking. And the back of the clip is un-sharpened, however, you want it—you choose whether to sharpen it too for brutal back swipes, although you probably will not be using it as a weapon.

For a utility Bowie style knife, this Ontario marine raider knife is durable and practical. The blank is coated in epoxy powder, which feels rough but great to protect the knife from corrosion. For further protection, you get a decent quality (for the price) Cordura sheath.


  • check-circle
    Kraton handle provides comfortable and good grip if the handles’ groves are not a problem
  • check-circle
    Good large Bowie for chopping and cheap Bowie knife for stripping back
  • check-circle
    Ergonomic design that ensures weight balance when striking


  • minus-circle
    Carry an uncoated knife or tool for generating sparks for a fire

7. Buck Knives 124 Frontiersman Fixed Blade Bowie (with Leather Sheath)

Frontiersman Fixed Blade Knife

Perhaps the most underrated affordable one out there, the Frontiersman fixed blade continues the traditional Bowie knife heritage of the Buck Knives brand. You will be hard-pressed to find a better knife that is worth ferrying around for your next camping and hiking trip too at this price-point.

Although not an efficient stripping or chopping knife, the 124 Frontiersman fixed blade is big on taking on exacting demands.

It sports a satin-finished, 420 high carbon stainless steel blade that is 6-1/4”long. The whole thing is spot on at 11-3/4”, so it is not mammoth so much so that it pisses while working through smaller tasks—it could as well swank in to carve a turkey, much to the surprise of your hunting or camping friends.

Unlike the larger knives here, this Buck works like charm as a multi-purpose knife despite the hunting knife talk all around it. It should not disappoint as a survival Bowie or big combat knife. Also, you’ll want to keep your digits off the sharp blade, and the large aluminum pommel and crossguard do a good job keeping you off its business.

This Buck is nicely thick (4mm at the spine and tapers down to 1 mm at the tip-end) and durable, lightweight at 13.3 oz, and is an American made Bowie. Still, that Micarta handle and adequate leather sheath come in nicely to aid in handling and safe storage.


  • check-circle
    Weight is well-shifted back into the handle for easier striking
  • check-circle
    Classic Buck knife: awesome hunting gear and great design
  • check-circle
    Full handle provides great feel in the hand
  • check-circle
    Razor-sharp knife right out the box
  • check-circle
    Big Bowie, thick full tang


  • minus-circle
    Sheath is decent but wish they suit it up in a Kydex sheath

8. 9" Navy SEALs Tactical Combat Bowie Knife

Navy SEALs lightweight Tactical Combat Knife

With this 9" Bowie knife you have got a Navy SEALs class tactical combat blade at your disposal. Despite its small Bowie knife stature, it sure does make you feel secure and sorted at all times. At 9” with the blade at just 5,” it makes for a compact, lightweight knife that is easy to use and ferry around—and is especially awesome as a camp knife.

The blade has a thickness of 3.5 mm. I have to admit that you will require some effort to sharpen the first time around. Sharpening after that will be a breeze and less often thanks to the excellent edge retention of the thick blade.

It has a fixed blade making for a lot of blade strength. The sheath is from black nylon fiber with an ergonomic contour design that gives the perfect grip. The blade allows for versatility with the additional reverse saw back.


  • check-circle
    Lightweight hence easy to use 3.5 mm blade thickness
  • check-circle
    Serrated blades back side allow for versatility
  • check-circle
    Contoured handle gives for a sure grip
  • check-circle
    Lanyard hole
  • check-circle
    Finger guard
  • check-circle
    Nylon sheath


  • minus-circle
    You will have to use your lanyard cord

9. Gerber Winchester Large Bowie Knife 

Gerber Winchester Large survival knife and fishing Bowie

Here’s another full tang big Bowie that is excellent at playing the awesome survival & fishing knife. Dropping the “large Bowie” moniker, the blade stings 8.57 inches up front. And, the entire knife is just shy of 15 inches. I wouldn’t call it a monster Bowie, but it’s one of a kind.

The blade is lightweight at just 0.125 oz, and the entire thing weighs a measly 14.4 ounces. At that weight-point, it is sure to spit directed power and control with each swing. Its traditional design (streamlined tip, curved edge near the tip for skinning, and lowered blade tip) help in these regards.

That blade is made of stainless steel for increased strength and corrosion-resistance hence long-haul utility in excellent condition. It is a very sharp knife too. And, it was thoughtful of Gerber to fix that large brass guard to keep our hands where they are best at—the handle. 

The handle is made of a finger-grooved wood and pops thanks to the deep-red showing off the wood. You might or might not like the finger grooving thing, but it is good for the grip if it fits your digit.

Overall, this is a decent, big and cheap Bowie knife to have.


  • check-circle
    Traditional Bowie aesthetics and practicality
  • check-circle
    Lightweight yet strong for multiple uses
  • check-circle
    Durable build material for the price
  • check-circle
    Full tang & big


  • minus-circle
    The wooden handle might not appeal to your hand and grip that much

10. Szco Supplies Carbon Steel Bowie 

Szco Supplies wooden handle Carbon Steel Bowie

Szco Supplies Carbon Steel Bowie Knife delivers an impressive, large 15" Bowie. The wooden handle looks great and gives an excellent grip. To keep your hand off the blade, the manufacturer incorporates a brass guard. 

Carbon steel makes the blade count among the best in strength and durability around. Still, its full tang Bowie on the handle makes the knife capable of handling multiple, intended tasks. The carbon steel blade sharpens easy and retains sharpness, which is fantastic if you are spending much time out in the woods.

Both the knife and the leather sheath are a job well done. After use just tuck it safely in the leather sheath, keeps the knife safe and also keeps you safe from injury.


  • check-circle
    Blade sharpens well
  • check-circle
    Brass guard
  • check-circle
    Leather sheath
  • check-circle
    Wooden handle
  • check-circle
    Carbon steel blade


  • minus-circle
    Needs sharpening out of the box before use

How to Choose the Best Bowie Knife on the Market for You

In this Bowie knife reviews guide, it is not just about getting to know the best one for your buck. We also share a ton of relevant and informative Bowie hacks. So that you can effectively dagger down to the top Bowie knives on Amazon for the bucks.

We played hardball and let these Bowies play to our rigorous tests so you would not have to yourself. With a bunch of incomplete reviews out there, how about we dig in deeper to truly understand what makes a Bowie knife oh so great.

  • Check the Construct Material

First of all, it has to be a full tang. A knife is as good as the blade material. Whatever your reason for buying a Bowie, it will only work out as well as the blade’s material dictates. For example, think of all the things to do with durability and sharpness.

Sloppy and weak materials could mean having a brittle knife that will not see you through two days of use. Strike that wood a couple of times, and its spine squeals dead and broke.

Quality Bowies’ construct material includes stainless steel and high carbon steel (usually labeled as HC). They make the blade capable of retaining a sharp edge for a long time and stand up to some hard knocks in their rugged life.

  • Check its Blade and Overall Length

Here’s the deal.

There is a saying that goes in the lines of ‘You break the laws of physics, and they will break you’. The length of the fixed blade will determine the balance of the entire knife while you use it. So, get to feel the knife in your hand, and you can tell if the knife provides you with the perfect balance to deliver powerful strikes.

If you are into stripping back, a short Bowie knife will likely be short on delivery as well. You’ll also want to check how the knife’s weight factors in. The longer the blade, the heftier the overall knife feels in the hand. And if you are a hard duty master, you might feel that weight wears you down surprisingly fast over time.

Also, if it’s a combat knife (likely with a blood-thirsty wild animal or sworn enemy) you need a lightweight and medium length big Bowie for excellent control and shifting power towards the blade. Also, with elaborate and thoughtful ergonomics, even large Bowie knives can feel great in the arm and swing.

As far as weight goes too, keep in mind that a tad too light blade will struggle and trudge through slashing sticks, and pruning trees as well as a relatively heavier knife. Still, too heavy a Bowie will make for a heck of a weary utility.

  • What Tang is it?

A full tang in some way prevents the blade from breaking. A half tang on a heavy blade will not see you through hard duty. The spine of that thing could break abruptly, punching you in the face as far as value for money is concerned.

Under similar stress, a full tang will stand, but a half tang, on the contrary, will only get you stuck with no option but to buy a new knife.

  • A Word about the Sheath

The sheath is a profound safety and portability tool for all Bowie knives.

With the knife in its sheath, you are assured no one will get hurt. Most sheaths come with a strap that allows for attachment to pants or belt. Look out for sheaths with a plastic lining to help protect the blade and keep its edges sharp and ready for brutal assignments. And, of course, a genuine leather sheath may cost more but it sure does outlast the nylon knife sheath variety by a stretch.

  • Ergonomics and Bowie Design

The best Bowie design makes for a lot of handiness.

Great design makes for an easy to hold, swing and maintain grip kind of knife. An ergonomic handle design and covering material (such as natural rubber) give you the perfect grip, so you will not be dropping it right when you need it the most. Handles that have some form of contours add to assured gripping.

Watch out that the manufacturer fit in a hearty finger-guard and roomy handle. Another incredible blade design is the serrated blade back that makes for great knife versatility. From above you can see a manufacturer that includes a hook at the end of the handle to add to the sure grip handle.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

  • What is a Bowie Knife?

In short, it’s a beefy knife with a long blade usually ranging between 5 to 24 inches in blade length and is double-edged at the point. It was created by James Black somewhere around the early 19th century. 

There is no accurate historical data as to when was the first bowie knife was created, but reliable sources have mentioned that the first custom made knife was for James Bowie. He was famous for the dual in the Sandbar Fight. James Bowie was known for his knife fighting skills. Most bowies will have a clip blade or and angled towards the tip. 

Unlike today, the original knives were completely straight. Straight blade, straight guard built for dual. Earlier ones had horn handle or stag handle, nowadays you’ll see more sophisticated handle made for comfortable gripping.

  • What is a Bowie Knife Used For?

There is nothing like a good old bowie knife. Big blades, durable material and highly efficient. It’s a nice tool for campers, hunters and for tactical purpose. A lot of people collect bowie knives because they are so cool. They are also very practical. 

For hunters, the long length gives them the much-needed cutting power for cleaning and skinning. The flat blade can also be used to chop pieces of meat, wood and cutting cords. The handles are perfect for attacking prey and piercing with force. 

For combat purpose, these knives are the best. You do know that these knives were made for fighting. It’s still widely used in the military. The sheer size of the knife will send a chill down the spine of your opponent. Who would want to get stabbed with a long blade? 

Last but not least, survival. You can hunt with these knives, peel the skin, prep them, cut wood for making fire, make shelter and much more. To be honest, the use of a bowie is innumerable. Depends on how you want to use them. 

  • How to Sharpen a Bowie Knife?

Sharpening a bowie is easy. It’s like sharpening any other knife. However, there are certain criteria that you should follow before doing so. First of all, you need to determine the sharpening method. Do you want a system that will offer you edge guides or would you prefer to control the angle of the edges? 

It’s a long process and I would highly suggest you take it to a professional. If you are still determined to do it on your own, watch a YouTube video. There are hundreds of tutorials out there. They even show you how to make one by yourself. Sharpening a bowie is not hard but you do need to be careful. And, it’s a topic for a whole new article.

  • What Is A Best Budget Bowie Knife?

When I hear the word budget, I can tell exactly what you are thinking. Come on guys, don’t be a cheapskate. A lot of time and dedication goes into making a large knife. Hopefully, there are some options available to all of you that are looking for a budget knife. 

United Cutlery and Gerber both offer cheap bowies. Don’t get fooled by the price though, the quality is good. Just don’t expect too much out of them. The length would be somewhere between 7 to 12 inches. Depends on how you want to use them. Some of us would just buy them to increase our collection and not for actual usage.

Final Cut - Wrapping it up

There is no greater satisfaction than getting a product that works as per your expectations. Heck, who does not want to be surprised how good it works. Don't forget the frustration that comes with losing money in the name of buying a product that cannot see the light of the next day of use.

Hopefully, our top picks in this review feeds on your Bowie curiosities and help you get a knife that serves you right. These 10 best blades assure a thoughtful blend of elegance, functionality and great prices.

Want insider knowledge for choosing the most bad-ass Bowie knife on the market right now? We have just what you want. Get in touch with us now.

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