What is a Carving Knife and What is It Used for?

A carving knife is used for carving roasts, poultry, hams, and cooked meats. The blade of this knife is long, usually between 8 and 14 inches in length. Additionally, the blade is thinner and more flexible than a chef’s knife. Flexible and thin blade allow the carving knife to cut … Read more

What is a Slicing Knife and What is it Used for?

A slicing knife is a kitchen knife used by home cooks and chefs. This type of knife is usually between 8 to 14 inches long, and it may have a serrated edge or straight blade. The blade is thin, and it has a curved tip. Some blades have Granton Edge … Read more

Two Japanese deba knives

The Ultimate Guide to Japanese Deba Knife

The Deba knife is a traditional Japanese knife that is used for filleting fish. It is a single-edged knife with a pointed tip and a slightly curved blade. The Deba knife is also known for its versatility and can be used for various tasks such as chopping vegetables, slicing meat, and even breaking down chicken.

Honesuki vs Boning Knife: What’s the Difference?

Honesuki knives are the Japanese version of Western boning knives. Both knife styles serve similar purposes, but do they do the same things? Learning about their differences will give you a better idea of why these knives excel at specific tasks. A Honesuki knife has a triangular shaped carbon steel … Read more

What Are Boning Knives Used For?

Boning knives are kitchen knives with sharp tips and thin blades. Typically, the average size of boning knives is between 5 to 8 inches in length. The boning knife blades are usually flexible and narrow. They have a flat cutting edge that curves up to connect with the point. Nonetheless, … Read more

Fillet Knife vs Boning Knife – What Are the Differences?

Fillet knives and boning knives share similar shapes, cutting edges, and blade lengths. These similarities make it difficult to tell knives apart, leading to many people using them interchangeably. However, a closer look will reveal significant differences that make each knife unique in specific fields. The key differences between fillet … Read more

Curved Vs Straight Boning Knife – Key Differences

A Boning knife is an essential kitchen knife for prepping different meats. However, which one should you choose between straight and curved shapes? Their differences are more significant than they may seem at first. Straight boning knives have a plain cutting edge and flat spine, whereas curved knives have prominent … Read more

Electric Fillet Knife vs Regular Fillet Knife – Which One is Better?

A regular fillet knife is a kitchen knife that you have to maneuver by hand, whereas electric fillet knives have motorized handles that work automatically. You can power up electric knife blades with either batteries or electrical outlets. While electric fillet knives have replaceable blades, traditional knives only one have. … Read more

A chef cutting raw beef with a knife

The Best Knife for Cutting Meat

How about we get you a knife that can help you cut meat in no time? With all the premium features, these knives are the perfect go-to option for you.