comparison between fake and real spyderco

How to Spot a Fake Spyderco Knife?

You can identify fake or clone Spyderco knives by taking a closer look at the handle design, the blade quality, and some accessories like the foam. Fake Spyderco handles have sharp edges, screws with a star-shaped cutout, and come with see-through foams. But you can find more subtle clues that … Read more

wharncliffe blade and sheepsfoot by victorinox

Wharncliffe Vs Sheepsfoot – What Are the Differences?

A Wharncliffe blade has a sloping spine, whereas the sheepsfoot has a parallel spine. This difference has a noticeable impact on the blade’s cutting ability. As a result, a Wharncliffe blade has a narrower tip ideal for detailed work while the sheepsfoot has a blunt tip good for heavy work. … Read more