Forged vs Stamped Knives

Shopping for knives is a complex endeavor. You have to worry about the steel shape, handle, and cutting-edge style, among other things. However, none of these features are often as confusing as forged and stamped builds. Brands often promote their knives as stamped and forged knives, but what does it … Read more

meat cleaver with a hole in cutting surface of the blade

Why Is There a Hole in a Meat Cleaver?

The hole in the top right corner of a meat cleaver is used to hang the cleaver on a hook or rack. This minor feature provides a convenient way to store the butcher knife safely. When you use the cleaver’s hole to hang it on a hook attached to the … Read more

How to Fillet a Redfish with an Electric Knife

To fillet a redfish with electric fillet knife, you must make a cut from the head to the belly right behind the gill plate. Turn the knife toward the tail, and run the blade down to cut out the fillet. Then, remove the skin, bloodline, and any stray bones. Place … Read more

How to Fillet a Trout with Electric Knife

Filleting trout with an electric fillet knife is easy and fast. Once you trap your catch, you must identify the blade length you’ll need depending on fish size. Wear protective gloves, prepare a container to keep your catch fresh, and get a sharp electric knife to start filleting. Place the … Read more

How to Fillet a Walleye with Electric Knife

To fillet a walleye with an electric knife, lay the fish over the cutting board first. Then, use the electric fillet knife to cut behind the gill plate, and bring the blade down to the tail to separate the fillet. Remove the Y bone, rib cage, and skin if you … Read more

How to Fillet a Northern Pike With Electric Knife

Filleting a northern pike with an electric knife requires time and patience. Prepare and organize a workspace first, with a container to preserve the fillets in ice and water. Bleed and scale the pike before cutting out the top fillet from the head to the dorsal fin. Move on to … Read more

How to Sharpen an Electric Fillet Knife

Use a tapered sharpening rod and a leather strap to sharpen electric fillet knife blades. Unplug or remove the batteries of the knife, and detach the blade. Then, bring the sharpening rod down over the scallops towards the cutting edge at a 20-degree angle. Repeat the process on each scallop … Read more

How to Fillet Crappie With Electric Knife

Filleting crappie with an electric knife is a breeze. You need a flexible electric fillet knife with a 7-inch blade, a non-slip flat surface, and a fine crappie specimen. Use the knife to cut behind the gill plate, and turn the knife toward the tail. With the knife blade parallel … Read more

How to Fillet a Bluegill with an Electric Knife

Bluegill is a type of panfish that you can prepare quickly and fit in a pan to fry it. There are many ways to prepare bluegill. Most commonly, you can fillet them or pan-dress them before frying them. Personally, I like my panfish in fillets without a bone in sight. … Read more

How to Fillet Catfish with an Electric Knife

Before filleting catfish with an electric fillet knife, you first need to address the catfish’s size. Small catfish and bullhead catfish weighing less than 3 pounds require a 7-inch E-Flex blade. However, you may need a 9-inch or 12-inch blade (E-Stiff) for large catfish, flathead catfish, or any big catfish … Read more

A knife with granton edge

What is a Granton Edge on a Knife?

Granton edge on a knife is a set of semi-circular scallops found on each side of the blade, usually ground by hand close to the edge upwards to the blade’s middle section. The purpose of these scallops is to prevent food from sticking to the blade and to create air … Read more

comparison between fake and real spyderco

How to Spot a Fake Spyderco Knife?

You can identify fake or clone Spyderco knives by taking a closer look at the handle design, the blade quality, and some accessories like the foam. Fake Spyderco handles have sharp edges, screws with a star-shaped cutout, and come with see-through foams. But you can find more subtle clues that … Read more