differentiating 210 vs 240mm gyuto knives

210 Vs 240 Gyuto Knife – How Long Should a Gyuto Be?

A 210mm Gyuto is a chef’s knife for home cooks with a lightweight profile, whereas the 240mm Gyuto is slightly heavier but better for cutting more food volume. Choosing between 210 or 240mm Gyuto knife ultimately depends on your skills as a cook, the food you want to cut, and … Read more

wharncliffe blade and sheepsfoot by victorinox

Wharncliffe Vs Sheepsfoot – What Are the Differences?

A Wharncliffe blade has a sloping spine, whereas the sheepsfoot has a parallel spine. This difference has a noticeable impact on the blade’s cutting ability. As a result, a Wharncliffe blade has a narrower tip ideal for detailed work while the sheepsfoot has a blunt tip good for heavy work. … Read more