Rapala R12 HD Lithium Fillet Knife Review

As a reliable brand for casual and professional anglers, Rapala has been producing quality electric fillet knives for years. However, previous fillet knives presented slight flaws that needed some polishing. But the company heard the suggestions, and all those issues came to an end with the Rapala R12 HD lithium … Read more

Mercer Renaissance

Mercer Genesis Vs Renaissance Knives – What Are the Differences?

Not sure which one to pick between Mercer Genesis vs Renaissance knives? A Mercer Genesis knife has a rounded handle made with synthetic rubber for more comfort. The Renaissance knives on the other hand use Delrin and a triple-riveted construction for superior resistance. Genesis knives have full bolsters, whereas Renaissance … Read more

Japanese Tojiro Kitchen Knife

Tojiro Vs Shun Knife – Deciding Which One to Buy

Tojiro uses lower-quality blade and handle materials to make their knives accessible for everyone, whereas Shun knives feature the highest-grade steel and Pakkawood handles for a higher price. Still, the price is worth it due to Shun’s exclusive sharpening service, which Tojiro doesn’t offer. Lastly, Shun knives are slightly larger, … Read more

Why Cutco Knives Are So Expensive?

Ever wondered why Cutco knives make you break your bank? Well, they’re durable, robust, and have lots of high-end features. To know more, you better dive in over here.

who makes moore maker knives

Who Makes Moore Maker Knives?

Not everyone can make great knives, and you need to find the experts when it comes to Moor Maker. Well, we’ll help you find someone for you.