Why Cutco Knives Are So Expensive?

Cutco knives are expensive for several reasons, including the sales model, production costs, and the incredible warranty that lasts a lifetime. Ultimately, you’re paying for a product that you can use or give away while withholding top-notch customer service if any problem comes up.

With that said, the price of a Cutco knife is still considerably higher than the average kitchen knife. That’s why it’s important to understand why Cutco knives are so expensive before getting them. Check out this article to learn everything there’s to know about this brand and its products.

History of Cutco Knives

Cutco began operations back in 1949, and it’s now one of the largest cutlery manufacturers in the United States. Besides knives, this company offers utensils and accessories like shears, cookware, and flatware. 

Over the years, the Cutco brand has expanded to hundreds of locations in many other countries. The main headquarters is in Olean, New York.

A part of Cutco’s reputation comes from how it benefits clients and sellers. Clients get high-quality knives for home use, and sales representatives earn a part of the profit after selling. 

This sales method has been quite popular for years, and Cutco is one of the biggest references in the business.

Why Are Cutco Knives So Expensive: 5 Reasons

While Cutco knives are great, the brand can come off as a bit expensive. The real question here is whether the price of these knives is justified as opposed to cheaper knives. In answer to this question, there are several factors to consider. 

Want to know why are Cutco knives so expensive? These are the five reasons for their high price.

Reason 1: Fulfilling Warranty

Cutco’s Forever Guarantee ensures that your knives remain as good as the first time you got them. This warranty is so good that it continues to cover the knives even if you give them away as gifts or pass the products along to your family.

These are the most important elements of Cutco’s lifetime warranty:

  • If there’s an issue with the products, send them back to Cutco explaining the problem and Cutco will fix the issue or replace the product. This service includes sharpening for knives.
  • The company gives you 15 days to ask for a refund if you’re not happy with the product’s performance.

Reason 2: Splendid Sharpening Services

The lifetime warranty over Cutco products covers sharpening. So, if your knives get dull, you can ship them back to the company to get a razor-sharp cutting edge again. Although the cost of sharpening is free, shipping the knives is not free. Still, you’d be paying less money than a brand new kitchen knife. There is a nominal handling/ return shipping fee you have to pay which is as follows:

1 – 5 items$9
6 – 10 items$11
11 – 25 items$13
26 – 40 items$16

Please be noted that you can send a minimum of one knife and a maximum of 40 per service order.

There are many reasons to love Cutco’s sharpening service. 

  • The estimated time to sharpen the knives and send them back to you is between two and four weeks. If you do not want to go through this hassle you may opt for Cutco’s knife sharpener.
  • If you have old Cutco cutlery or you inherited some vintage products, Cutco still takes care of them in most cases. When the damage is too bad, the company will replace the products with newer models.

Customer service of this level also impacts the overall price of the Cutco cutlery and how sellers make a profit out of it.

“In a given year, [we] service over 100,000 packages,” said Cutco’s president James Stitt to Forbes. These packages get “sent in for free sharpening and repair.”

Reason 3: Cutco Knives Are of High-End Quality

Many of Cutco’s kitchen knives feature 440A stainless steel. This material is strong, durable, and holds an edge far longer than most other kitchen knives. 

Both weight and the handle are other signs of the Cutco knife’s quality. Comfortable on the hand, the knives feel balanced and stable. You can use them to make simple or fine Julienne cuts without much effort. As a result, a Cutco knife is good for home cooks and professionals.

Reason 4: Production in America

Cutco knives, produced on American soil, go through different refining processes done by hand and automatically. 

The automated process is fast and reduces costs, but the procedure to make a Cutco kitchen knife needs manual refining for the material. 

As manufacturers have to pay workers a decent amount of money, hence production costs in America are way higher than in other places. Therefore, Cutco has to charge high prices to earn a profit.

Reason 5: Sales Module

Vector Marketing is the sales arm of Cutco’s cutlery, which has about 60,000 people hired per year. The salespeople are mostly young people that want a side gig, but basically, anyone can sell these kitchen knives after getting recruited.

To pitch the knives, the salespeople go to the customer’s door for a live demonstration of the products.

Following the completion of a deal, the salesperson earns a profit for each product sold.

A salesperson that sells $1,000 worth of cutlery will receive 10% in return. If the deals are between $6,001 and $10,000, the percentage profit is 25%. 

Deals over $20,000 in products equal commissions of 30% and more.

A part of the money collected goes to the manufacturer during any deal, and a smaller part goes to the salespeople. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Cutco Knives a Pyramid Scheme?

No, Cutco knives are not a part of a pyramid scheme. Sellers don’t earn bonuses or fees from recruiting other people.

Do Cutco Knives Ever Have Sales?

Cutco does provide special offers and gives out coupons for the company’s products on the website. 

What is Better Than Cutco Knives?

The Kiwi-brand knives are an excellent alternative to Cutco knives. Though they’re not from America, Kiwi knives are still high-quality cutlery. These knives have super-sharp stainless steel blades, hard plastic or hardwood handles, and balanced weight.

If you want a traditional brand, go with Wusthof knives. This company offers a lot of variety, including straight-edge knives, hollow edge santoku knives, utility knives, paring knives, and many more high-quality knives.

Can You Sharpen Cutco Knives Yourself?

Most Cutco knives feature stainless steel or high-carbon stainless steel. To turn these materials into a sharp knife, you have to use a sharpening stone. This trick will only work depending on the blade. Let me explain.

A sharpening stone only works with straight edged knives. There’s no way to sharpen Cutco’s Double D Edge serrated knives at home. Instead, you have to ship them to the manufacturer.

If you are not a fan of a sharpening stone, you could also use Cutco’s sharpening tool. This one is easier to use and leaves the blades sharp.

How Often Do Cutco Knives Need to be Sharpened?

Cutco’s chef’s knife may need sharpening every three or four months depending on the usage. Serrated knives with the Double D Edge design and three cutting points won’t need as much sharpening. These knives can remain sharp for years because the cutting points are not on the blade’s edge but at the side of the blade.

Are Cutco Knives Guaranteed for Life?

Yes, the Forever Guarantee allows you to ship your knives back to Cutco for repairing or sharpening without an expiration date. 

Are Cutco Knives Worth the Money?

Yes, Cutco knives are worth the money. These knives have a set of features that make them top-notch cutlery.

For instance, the blades feature solid 440A stainless steel, which holds an edge and is easy to maintain. The lifetime warranty also increases the value of these high-quality kitchen knives. In case you need to sharpen, repair, or replace them, the company backs you up.

To Wrap Up

A popular brand will always have positive and negative reviews. Cutco doesn’t escape this rule, as many people love it while some others dislike it. Still, I recommend you try these knives to test their quality by yourself. 

At first, it may be difficult to know why are Cutco knives so expensive. With many other knives at more affordable prices, why pay that much for Cutco? But after learning how the manufacturing and sales processes work, it’s easier to understand the cost of the products.

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