Bubba Cordless Electric Fillet Knife Review

The Bubba cordless fillet knife offers reliable performance without the limitations of older models. It comes in a kit with two lithium-ion batteries that last a combined time of five hours! That’s far more than any other battery powered fillet knife and the reason why I loved it.

This fillet knife includes four interchangeable blades, ideal for seasoned and casual anglers. Different blade sizes will allow you to clean almost any fish, be it freshwater or saltwater. The charger guarantees the knife doesn’t come up short during your trips, and the premium EVA case keeps every item readily available whether at home or outdoors.

Stick around for a comprehensive Bubba lithium ion cordless electric fillet knife review! After dozens of hours of deep research, I can give you a fully detailed picture of why this product is at the top of the competition.

What Comes With the Box?

  • Four Blades: 7” E-Flex, 9” E-Flex, 9” E-Stiff, 12” E-Stiff
  • Two Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • Premium EVA Molded Carrying Case
  • Charger
  • Manual

Key Specs:

  • Blades: High Carbon Stainless Steel with Titanium Nitride Coating
  • Blade Length: 7, 9, & 12 inches long
  • Handle: Textured, 8.5 inches long
  • Case: Premium EVA
  • Knife Type: Battery Powered
  • Batteries Included: Two
  • Batteries Required: 1
  • Weight: 1.5 Pounds with Battery
  • General Warranty: Two Years with Limitations

Top Features

From long-lasting batteries to multiple blades, I found that the Bubba electric fillet knife offers unique performance. Here’s how each one of its features contributes to efficient fish cleaning.


The Bubba battery-powered fillet knife comes with four different blade styles. Some are different sizes, varying between 7, 9, and 12 inches. They all have a serrated edge that rips through fish scales with ease and a titanium nitride coating for ultimate corrosion resistance.

Made with high-carbon stainless steel, the blades are as durable as they get. You could pretty much leave them around water for a considerable time and trust moisture wouldn’t damage them. The strong coating also keeps damage from fish’s blood and guts at bay.

Plus, the high carbon stainless steel holds an edge that makes cleaning the 50th crappy as easily and smoothly as the first one.

With blades of different sizes also comes versatility. The Bubba cordless fillet knife is an effective tool for small, medium, and large fish. Here’s how each size can benefit you.

The 7-inch E Flex blade is good at filleting smaller fish like crappies and yellow perch. It’s also quite useful if you work with panfish such as bluegills. Bigger crappies are also easily manageable with the 9-inch E-FLEX.

For slightly larger fish like trout, bass, catfish, or walleyes, I found the 9-inch E-STIFF is the most convenient. You can really get the blade between the stronger bones to separate the meat nicely. 

I have found 12-inch E Stiff blades are the most suitable for beasts like larger salmons, broad-shouldered pike, etc. If you’re really into big catch fishing, this E-Stiff blade is also effective at prepping halibut, codfish, and tuna.

A rule of thumb is to use a blade two inches larger than the fish you’re cleaning. With blades from 7 to 12 inches, the Bubba electric fillet knife can deal with almost anything.


The handle is 8.5 inches long, ergonomic, and non-slip. Due to its size, you get a firm grip whether you have small or big hands. This handle size is perfect for different cleaning procedures on small, medium, and large fish. You can accommodate the hand to make precise cuts behind the pectoral fin, or produce incisions along the lateral line in a swift and smooth motion.

Since the handle has a textured outer layer, the knife won’t slide out of your hand if blood or viscosity drips. It’s also comfortable enough to let you clean fish for hours if needed.

I also appreciate the handle’s red color. If you’re like me and sometimes forget where you leave your stuff, the knife visibly stands out.

Keep in mind that the handle isn’t waterproof. It can resist mild moisture from blood or water, but you must keep it away from water as much as possible. Make sure to have the case around for proper storage, and use a damp cloth to clean the handle and battery if needed.

Blade Release Mechanism

The blade release mechanism makes changing blades super easy and quick. I found this switch to be highly convenient when you’re outdoors and need to act quickly. It doesn’t take more than ten seconds to remove the current blade for a new one. This way, you can go from cleaning bluegills with a 7-inch blade to prepping white bass or larger crappies with the 9-inch blade.

Safety Lock and Trigger Guard

The safety lock is easily accessible to guarantee your protection if you need to take a break. It activates with a simple touch, which is convenient whether you’re at home or on a boat. This lock is also helpful if you need to replace the blades or if there are children nearby. Combined with the trigger guard, hands and fingers are safe while filleting fish with this knife.

LED Battery Life Indicator

The battery life indicator is visible at the bottom of the handle after attaching the battery. It accurately shows you charge status to keep track of the remaining running time. Checking the bars left is also a breeze with a quick hand turn. Thus, you don’t waste time if you must check how much longer the batteries can go.

Dual Rivet Blade Design

The blades of this knife come with a dual rivet design for easier attachment. This design secures the knife blades and makes them strong to put up with high torque. As a result, each Bubba blade can resist regular abuse without budging. If you’re an active angler cleaning catch for hours, the blades are firm and solid. Casual anglers could easily use the blades for years.

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Battery performance is the reason why I love this knife. The batteries are a set of two lithium-ion models that crush the competition. They take around 3.5 hours to charge and run for approximately 2.5 hours. This is about 28% longer than anything out on the market! The number of fish you can clean in that time depends on their size. However, 2.5 hours of operation is enough to prep more than 90 crappies on a single full charge.

While researching Bubba cordless electric fillet knife reviews from other customers, I found many had battery issues after three to four months. The batteries still worked but couldn’t hold a charge well. Utmost care is what I would recommend to preserve them as much as possible. The knife only works with batteries, so you have no other option if the battery dies during a trip. Cordless knives are still useful and you can wield them as your typical stiff fillet knives, but you will lose their automatic value.

The knife and batteries charge on 110 Volts only, which is a limitation if you don’t have said voltage available. Nonetheless, you can try buying an adapter to bypass this issue.

You also don’t want to leave them near water because it ruins them. After all, replacement batteries are at a staggering $74.99 price range each.

Noise Level: The Bubba cordless knife isn’t a loud device, but it does make a buzzing sound. Then again, other models like the American Angler Pro 32352DS are considerably louder.


The Bubba electric fillet knife does a solid job of cleaning and filleting fish. It’s not faster than the Bubba corded fillet knife, but that’s a good thing. You experience consistent power that prevents burning out the device quickly. Still, the handle design improves motor transmission output to provide outstanding torque to the blade. The slower oscillation feels pleasant when you maneuver the knife to make smooth cuts with minimal waste.

It takes a bit to get used to this knife if you used faster electric knives before, but it’s worth it. The flexible blades and ergonomic handle allow anglers to cut behind the ear or make incisions along the spine easily. The knife pretty much does the job for you, as you only have to guide it. You could use it to clean approximately 20 crappies in less than 15 minutes, rib bones included.

With long-lasting battery charge cycles, different blades, and a convenient carry box, there’s no other cordless electric fillet knife better than this one.


The primary use of this knife is to clean and fillet small, medium, and large fish. Use it to prep crappie, trout, salmon, tuna, catfish, and more.

You may use the Bubba electric fillet knife for other tasks like cutting meat such as turkey, brisket, or steak. However, the cuts are less clean. It’s not commendable if you value the presentation a filet knife provides.

What’s the Warranty and Return Policy?

This cordless version comes with a one-year warranty. The warranty covers workmanship and material flaws if you’re the original owner. Damage from misuse, regular abuse, or lack of maintenance doesn’t have warranty coverage. The knifemaker won’t answer for your knife if it has:

  • Visible issues like rust or stains.
  • A damaged handle.
  • A broken knife point.
  • An unsharpened cutting edge.
  • Scratching marks on the blade’s coating.

Pros and Cons


  • Different blade sizes make the Bubba cordless knife virtually capable of cleaning any fish regardless of species.
  • The battery runs for about two hours. With two fully charged, you can spend half a day cleaning fish inside or outside.
  • The ergonomic and non-slip handle makes it comfortable and safe to use even if you get your hands wet.
  • Sturdy blades cut rib bones and backbone with relative ease.
  • Lightweight build to reduce fatigue and improve fish cleaning efficiency.


  • The blade’s cutting edge can be too sharp at times. While cleaning smaller fish, you’ll notice that the knife holds onto the bones instead of slicing. Other times, the knife can easily cut through your catch if you’re not careful. You can avoid this problem by stopping and readjusting the cutting angle.


A comprehensive Bubba cordless fillet knife reviews clearly shows why this device outshines the competition. I analyzed performance quality by comparing it to some of the other popular electric fillet knives. Here are the results.

Bubba Cordless vs. Bubba 110V Corded Fillet Knife

Both the cordless and the corded electric fillet knives come with the same accessories and features. The most significant difference is the power source, as one works with batteries, and the other needs a power outlet. In terms of convenience, the cordless model is superior because you don’t have to maneuver around an extension cord.

The Bubba corded knife is $144.99, whereas the Bubba cordless is $189.99. Both knives come with the same blades and feature a similar handle. Therefore, there isn’t much difference in vibration or heating. Working speed is also surprisingly similar between the two models, which is a plus for the cordless knife.

Bubba Cordless vs. Bubba Pro Series Electric Fillet Knife

For $239.99, the Bubba Pro Series is one of the most expensive fillet knives out there. It’s a high-end device that I consider ideal for filleting large fish like walleye, kingfish, and stripers. This is because the motor of this knife is more powerful than any other Bubba electric fillet knife. With the aggressive style of the Bubba blades, the Bubba Pro Series can rip through thick bones of larger fish with ease.

The Bubba Pro Series also has a few disadvantages. If you fillet small fish like crappie, you’ll find that the knife is perhaps too strong. Additionally, the handle feels even bulkier and heavier than the regular Bubba cordless fillet knife.

So, which one is better? Ideally, the Bubba Pro Series is a knife you want if you’re a professional, commercial angler. It’s more expensive, but the torque offered is top-notch. On the other hand, the Bubba cordless fillet knife is more comfortable to hold and is more suitable for casual fishing.

Bubba Lithium-Ion Fillet Knife vs. Rapala R12 HD Cordless Fillet Knife

The Rapala R12 HD cordless fillet knife is available at $179.99, whereas the Bubba is $189.99. However, the Bubba has two extra blades that increase its value, and the Rapala only offers two. The Bubba handle is slightly bulkier and oversized, giving you a firm grip on the knife. On the other hand, the Rapala feels smaller, lighter, and more balanced.

With the power button at the top, the Rapala requires you to activate the knife with your thumb. Some would argue that this position is more comfortable than the Bubba trigger, which is at the bottom of the handle and requires you to use your index finger.

Once you press the button, the Rapala R12 HD comes up instantly. It’s the opposite with the Bubba cordless knife, which takes a few seconds to ramp up. Both the Rapala and Bubba are quiet and heat up slightly, but the Rapala is more powerful. It can fillet crappie in around 40 seconds, whereas the Bubba takes about 50 seconds for beginners.

With that said, the Bubba cordless is better at filleting large fish. After a few seasons working with larger specimens like walleye, the coarser, more aggressive blades still hold up well. Unfortunately, the Rapala blades are not as durable.

To sum up, the Rapala is more powerful, but the price of the Bubba and its longevity make the Bubba cordless a more valuable option.

Bubba Cordless vs. American Angler PRO 32352DS 110V

At roughly $139.99, the American Angler PRO is more affordable than the Bubba. This knife comes with five blades, a case, and a glove. It works via cord, which is one of the main limitations of this American Angler knife.

Once active, the American Angler is louder and vibrates more than the Bubba cordless knife. I also found that the American Angler blades aren’t as durable as the Bubba. They wear down after a few months, whereas the Bubba blades last longer. Furthermore, the American Angler PRO 32352DS burns out faster as well.

If you regularly work with large catch such as salmon, white bass, or stripers, the Bubba is the most desirable option. Otherwise, I would recommend the American Angler to save some money.

Bubba Cordless vs. Bass Pro Shops XPS

Comparing these Bubba vs. Bass Pro Shops XPS was tricky, but it ultimately comes down to your fishing habits.

If you’re an active angler that goes on trips and cleans fish regularly, then the Bubba is the best fillet knife. You get more blades, more power, and the batteries last longer.

On the other hand, choose the Bass Pro Shops XPS if you’re a casual angler. It’s more affordable, and the battery’s running time is also decent at 2 hours. You don’t get as many blades as Bubba, but the Bass Pro Shops XPS is still a solid choice for the price.


Is the Bubba Electric Fillet Knife Resistant to Water?

No, the Bubba electric fillet knife isn’t waterproof. You can detach the blades to wash them, and that’s about it. The battery and motorized handle can resist minor moisture, but it’s better to keep them away from water as much as possible. Use a damp cloth to clean these components.

Is the Battery Durable Enough to Fillet 50 Crappie?

The Bubba cordless fillet knife battery allows you to fillet crappie in less than a minute. Since the batteries last a couple of hours, I found that you can fillet more than 50 crappies on a single charge.

Where Can I Get Replacement Blades for Bubba Cordless Electric Knives?

Bubba offers replacement blades for their cordless and corded knives. The price range varies between $19.99 and $29.99.

Does this Knife Come with Batteries?

Yes, the Bubba cordless fillet knife comes with two lithium-ion batteries.

How Much Time Does It Take to Charge Lithium-Ion Cordless Fillet Knife Batteries?

Around 3.5 hours for a full charge.

Does the Knife Work Connected to AC Direct or Batteries Only?

The knife works with batteries only.

What are the Charger Specifications of This Particular Knife?

Input 100-240V AC 50/60 HZ .3 Amp.
Output 8.9 V DC 1 Amp.

How to Shut off Bubba Cordless Fillet Knife?

You can shut off the Bubba cordless fillet knife by releasing the trigger.

How Much Does this Cordless Fillet Knife Weigh?

1.5 pounds with the battery attached.

Where Can I Get a New Charger after losing it?

You can purchase a new replacement battery and charger kit in a $77.44-$80.75 price range on platforms like eBay or Amazon.

What Company Makes this Knife and From Where Does It Ship?

Bubba produces this knife in China and ships it from Columbia, Missouri after passing through quality assurance.

Can You Operate this Knife Connected to a 110V Outlet with Batteries?

No. You can only use the Bubba cordless fillet knife unplugged.

What’s the Voltage of the Batteries?

The Bubba cordless fillet knife batteries have a 10V output.

Can You Clean the Blades in the Dishwasher?

You should avoid washing the blades in the dishwasher because it might disengage the rivets or dull the blade.

Does This Knife Require 110V or 230V to Work?

The knife requires 110V power to charge.

Are the Blades of This Knife Faster than the Corded Model?

No. The Bubba 110V corded fillet knife puts out faster blade oscillations.

How Long Does the Battery Charge Last?

The battery of the Bubba electric fillet knife lasts approximately 2.5 hours.

How to Sharpen the Blades of Bubba Cordless Fillet Knife?

You can sharpen the Bubba serrated blades using a sharpening rod. A ceramic or steel round hone can also help. However, the blade won’t be as sharp as the first time you used it.

Does the Knife Work While Charging Batteries?

The knife only works with the charger unplugged and the batteries attached.

Is This Knife Safe for Left Handed Users?

Yes, the Bubba cordless fillet knife is safe for left handed users.

What Materials Do the Gears Feature?

The Bubba cordless fillet knife features high carbon stainless steel and a rubberized handle.

How Many Fish Can You Clean with One Battery Charge?

You can clean more than 100 crappies using the Bubba fillet electric knife with a full charge. The bigger the fish, the fewer you can clean.

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