Best Electric Fillet Knife in 2019 – Guide from a Knife Expert

Spend less time cleaning and more time fishing. With the best electric fillet knife at your disposal, you’ll be making short work of cleaning and prepping fillets.

When you start using electric fillet knives, you will feel the difference outrightly. It takes only minutes to separate the skin from the meat and cutting the rib. With the old traditional fillet knife, it’ll take almost an hour to do so.

Best Electric Fillet Knife

Doing the cleaning with a regular knife is very time-consuming. You’ll lose focus. It puts more strain in your wrist; you start filleting not to do it optimally but to get things done.

In that case, if you are an angler, for example, you leave a lot of meat on the bone. I am certain that is not what you want, and an electric fillet knife will salvage that situation.

What is the Best Electric Fillet Knives? - Tips & Guides

The below listed electric fillet knives are the best and pass the bar with some incredible results. Take your time and evaluate each of them. Later on, you can decide which one is the best for you.

1. Rapala Heavy Duty - Best Electric Fish Fillet Knife

Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife

The king of heavy duty electric fillet Knife. This is a heavy duty knife with a heavy duty motor to ensure smooth operation. It is a corded version and has twice the speed and thrice the power of an ordinary corded/cordless fillet knife. Which is why I’ve made this one of my top choices.

The blade gives you an excellent reach with the 7 1/2-inch length. For easy cleaning, the blade is dishwasher safe. The Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife is a guarantee for fast filleting.

It requires an 110 V supply. Other users say that it delivers triple the speed and twice the power of other conventional electric fillet knives and I agree.

The advanced airflow design gives you the perfect relaxed grip. The cord is 8-inch long which is more than enough for most filleting jobs. Not just fish, you can ever carve roast, ham, and turkey with this one. 


  • check-circle
    Corded (no batteries running low)
  • check-circle
    7-1/2 inch blade has reach
  • check-circle
    One year warranty
  • check-circle
    Heavy duty motor
  • check-circle
    Triple the power


  • minus-circle
    Short include some of the deluxe features

2. Rapala Deluxe Electric Fillet Knife - Best Knife for Filleting Fish

Rapala Deluxe Electric Fillet Knife

Did you know that Rapala has a deluxe version of their electric filleting knife? 

Now you do, and it is the whole package. Right after fishing if you need to do some filleting do not for a moment think that you are stuck without a power source. You can plug to a boat lighter outlet, and you will get the power you need. It also has a travel case made from blow molded plastic. There are two stainless steel blades, a 6" and a 7-1/2 ". 

The ergonomic handle design gives a relaxed grip body. You can either use the Rapala Deluxe Electric Fillet Knife from an 110 V power source or a 12 V battery power source. 

The package comes with adapters for the 110 V power source and clips for the 12 V battery power source. Rapala uses an advanced air flow design for the knife. At 18 foot the power cord gives more than enough length. The motor is log lasting and ensures for durability.


  • check-circle
    Whole range of adapters (110 V outlet, 12 V plug posts, and lighter outlet adapters)
  • check-circle
    Travel case (blow molded plastic)
  • check-circle
    Advanced air flow design
  • check-circle
    Stainless steel blades
  • check-circle
    Long power cord


  • minus-circle
    The blades dull quickly

3. Berkley Electric Fillet Knife

Berkley Electric Fillet Knife

The Berkley electric fillet knife uses an 8-inch blade. Heavy duty 120 volts motor is responsible for the reciprocating motion of the stainless steel blade. The stainless steel blades are anti-corrosion and thus make for durability. 

Side blade release allows for easy blade changing. One of the most dangerous situations would be the trigger turning on the blade accidentally. The knife has a trigger lock for safety. 

Berkley uses an ergonomic handle design that gives you much comfort during filleting. The blade is extra sharp. The only thing that the manufacturer needs to change is increasing the cord length.


  • check-circle
    Made from stainless steel (corrosion resistant)
  • check-circle
    Runs on 120 volts motor
  • check-circle
    8-inch blade
  • check-circle
    Sharp blade
  • check-circle
    Comfort grip


  • minus-circle
    Too short a power cord

4. Mister Twister FILLET COMBO EZ-ScaleR Electric Fillet Knife Combo

Mister Twister FILLET COMBO EZ-ScaleR Electric Fillet Knife

Mister Twister FILLET COMBO EZ-ScaleR Electric Fillet Knife Combo is a knife that mister twister introduced in 1986 and an industry leader since.

How much would you like a knife made by a fellow fisherman? 

My guess is that you would love it. That is the Mister Twister FILLET COMBO EZ-ScaleR Electric Fillet Knife Combo for you. Fishermen love it as the 120V AC powered motor runs in the range of 2800- 3200 revolutions per minute. The speed rating makes it the fastest, and we know what that translates to, faster work rate. A bonus feature is the Mister Twister new EZ-scaler. 

Convenience and ease of use are factors that play a great role in determining how functional the knife is. The Mister Twister FILLET COMBO EZ-ScaleR Electric Fillet Knife Combo is lightweight and has a comfortable handle that makes for ease of use. The blade is extra sharp making scaling and filleting a breeze. Also, it has a convenient blade release.


  • check-circle
    2800-3200 revolutions per minute
  • check-circle
    Convenient blade release
  • check-circle
    Comfortable handle
  • check-circle
    Extra sharp blades


  • minus-circle
    Short cord

5. American Angler PRO Electric Fillet Knife

American Angler PRO Electric Fillet Knife

If you are looking for a knife that will provide you with consistent filleting, then you just found it. Engineered to run longer, last longer and perform better than most other EFK. Running on 110 volts the motor delivers two times the torque, much better than other competitor knives. 

The most famous part of this knife is the blade. Powerful enough to clean even the toughest of fish species. You name it; it can cut it. The stainless-steel blade is tough yet flexible. Universal compatibility meaning you can use it on any American Angler electric fillet knives.

The ergonomic handle design ensures excellent balance, so you do not suffer fatigue. Included in the knife package is a convenient carry bag. The carry bag allows for excellent aeration to prevent odor. Aeration also lets out moisture thus preventing corrosion.  

At 8 foot the power cord is sufficiently long. Venting and fan cooling design see to it that the electric fillet knife runs for longer. It also has a two years limited warranty.


  • check-circle
    Venting and fan cooling design
  • check-circle
    Limited two years warranty
  • check-circle
    Ergonomic handle design
  • check-circle
    Convenient carry bag
  • check-circle
    8-foot power cord


  • minus-circle
    The handle gets hot

How to Choose the Best Electric Fillet Knife?

We are not magic workers or gamblers for that matter. When it comes to getting the best filleting knives, we follow the below factors to guide us through the sea of the many electric fillet knives.

Handle Design

An ergonomic handle design gives you a comfortable grip that facilitates for longer knife use without fatigue. Also, the handle should be from a non- conductive material to avoid burns from motor heating. Remember that it is an electric knife so heating and electric shock is also a possibility but an insulated handle will keep you safe


Durability stands for a whole lot of things for the electric fillet knife. From the handle to the blade and also the motor. The one question is, is all these components durable. Check from other reviewers if the motor can stand the test of time. Also, some blades fall off at the least contact with some resistance.

Variable Speed

Variable speed is a great feature to get from an electric filleting knife. Although most of them don’t have one and I highly doubt you’ll ever need this feature. It is not all the time that I often need to be in a capacity to vary the speed as per the task at hand. If you find a knife with a range of speed, that one is most likely a variable speed electric fillet knife.

Carry Bag

A carry bag from the manufacturer is most the best. Most of the manufacturers make carry bags that are well ventilated to ensure excellent airflow. Good airflow keeps off bad odors and moisture. Bad odor and a corroding knife are two things that you should eliminate at all costs.


In the course of filleting, I find myself in situations that require the use of knives with different lengths. Using a long knife for a task that requires a short one results in fatigue. It is important that the knife has blade release system that allows for easy blade changes.


There are two types of safety here. Your safety, and the safety of the knife. The safety of the knife mostly refers to the motor. For the motor to operate safely, it is necessary that the manufacturer incorporates a handy cooling system. Such are ventilation and fans that keep the motor from overheating and possibly burning out.

Final Verdict

That’s it, folks. Thanks for patiently reading this guide. It was a long one, and I had to because there was a lot of information and I needed to include them all. Hope you found your perfect match from my list of best electric fillet knives.

These were carefully chosen not only because they are the most popular ones out there, but also for the reason that you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

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8 thoughts on “Best Electric Fillet Knife in 2019 – Guide from a Knife Expert

  1. If you fillet a lot of items a fillet knife will save you a lot of time, stress on your body, and meat from the bone! By using an electric fillet knife you will save wrist, hand, and arm strength, making it easier and more enjoyable to fillet more items in a correct manner. You will save money because you will not leave as much meat on the skin or bone. The above listed knives are very impressive and I am sure that any of them will be a good choice when it comes to finding the right fillet knife for your needs. These knives will pay for themselves within the first few uses and I’m sure any of them will become your new favorite tool for your filleting needs.

    The ergonomic handle will make using your fillet knife safer and more comfortable. The durability of a knife is of top most importance and the above choices show some very durable knives for you to choose from- they will all last for a very long time when you take care of them and keep them safe in either the carrying/storage case provided, or one that you provide for this very function.

    Choosing a knife with variable speeds will help with different types of meat that you fillet. You can use a lower speed for more detail or a more delicate meat. An added feature to these knives are the coolers for the motors. By having a cooling system, you can be sure that your new electronic fillet knife will hold up strong for many years to come.

    This is a very informative guide which will help you to find the correct electronic fillet knife for your needs. Thanks so much to the author, Brian M. Casey for this time saving effort!

  2. Absolute comparison! Well thank you for sharing the differences over different online markers about the electric fillet. Knife I use at my home have variety in thickness and sharpness. Sometimes they break when still chopping some sort of meat in a board. After researching though this article, i found that tradition knife and old ones takes too much and time consuming, wasted of time actually. The article written by the experts are outstanding and clarify my mind on knife, in which i did have a little knowledge. Now i am gonna find the right one for myself. Thank you.

  3. This is a very useful, informative guide for anyone who’s looking to buy an electric fillet knife. I appreciate the effort and research you put into explaining each knife. I would personally find it hard to choose one because they all look top-notch. Each one only has one con compared to four or five pros, which speaks for the quality of the product.

  4. My dad needs a new electric fillet knife so I was going to get one for his birthday, but I really had no idea what one was best to buy. So glad I found your article, it’s helped me a lot. I think I’m gonna go all out and get him the Rapala Heavy Duty, he’s gonna love it!

  5. I feel really good to see all those products.It’s a creative invention ever.I really feel bored when I separate skin and bone from the meat.It depressed me.Now I find some hope when I see those products..I’m really excited to purchsed those product.It will save my time for doing other work.Besides, the price of those product is not so high.I really want to thanked the company for those product.

  6. I and my family are meat lovers, not only fish, we love roast ham, chicken and during Christmas time turkey. Using a conventional knife is very cumbersome, tiring and time-consuming, hence we needed an electric knife which could go well, not only with fish but also other roast meats. Also to keep in mind the price and versatility of the knife. The knife we chose was Rapala heavy duty knife, this beauty had a long cord hence the reach was sufficient, no low battery or charging fuss. The motor is powerful, no problems with any meat. The comfortable grip which made filleting a pleasure and the knife ran through the meat like a hot knife through butter with minimal meat left on the bone. The effective cooling system of the motor prevents heating and dries up moisture. Overall a fantastic knife which saves us a lot of time and fuss. Highly recommended.

    • Hey Margaret I agree with you about Rapala Knife, it’s really giving me comfort zone when I think about filleting fish. Thanks for your wonderful feedback. I hope you liked my write up on fillet knife.

  7. I am really impressed to see the review of American Angler PRO Electric Fillet Knife. I’ve heard about this product many times, but haven’t had a chance to research more till now. Thank you.

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