Best Skinning Knife in 2017 – Top Picks & Details Buyer Guide!

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If you are a hunter who enjoys eating fresh meat instead of buying from the butchery, if you buy a good skinning knife that will help you skin your catch without problems.

As compared to other traditional knives, skinning knives are very different and they come in different options.

This makes it an overwhelming task to select a perfect skinning knife that will suit your needs. If you need to purchase the best skinning knife or looking for a perfect gift to give a hunter, you are in the right place.

Best Skinning Knives

Hopefully, I will help you know the best knives on the market as well as help you make a decision on the best knife.

My team and I selected the best skinning knives after considering several factors like the design of the blade, blade length and the handle among other factors. Read more to find the reviews of our top products.

Best Skinning Knives in 2017 - Reviews

Finding a perfect skinning knife can be hard. However, I have done the research for you and provided you with a list of 5 best skinning knives that rock the market. Check them out.

MSG6241-BRK Guthook Skinner

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you need to have a perfect skinning knife to help you skin your catch with ease. All knives are not designed the same so looking for a perfect product can be troublesome.

But with the Mossberg Fixed Skinning Knife, you are sure of an incredible performance when you are out there.

This is a knife that is top rated by most outdoor enthusiasts for its outstanding performance. The knife is designed with a non-glare stainless steel blade that offers precise cutting. The blade is strong and feels sturdy when you are working with it.

It is also designed with a comfortable grip handle that allows you to get effective control when you are using the knife. With its blade length, you can be sure to handle skinning tasks at hand.

It also comes with a protective ballistic cloth sheath to keep it protected when you are not using it or when you are on the go


  • check-circle
    It has a quality stainless steel blade
  • check-circle
    The knife has a comfortable handle
  • check-circle
    It comes with a cloth sheath
  • check-circle
    It is easy to clean
  • check-circle
    Easy to use


  • minus-circle
    Complaints of the knife not being sharp
Dexter Russell 6 inch Skinning Knife

When you are looking for a skinning knife, you want to get a versatile knife that will help you skin almost any animal that you want.

In this case, I would recommend you to try the Dexter-Russell 6-inch Skinning Knife which is highly rated for skinning tasks.

The knife works well regardless of what you are skinning. Whether you want to skin trout, fish, deer, chicken, pig or any animal, you can count on this skinning knife.

The knife provides you with an easy operation because of the curve blade made of steel. This means that you only require very little effort when you are skinning. Again, the 6-inch blade has an individually ground and honed edge.

This tough and sanitary knife features a textured slip-resistant polypropylene handle that offers perfect and comfortable grip when you are working with the knife.


  • check-circle
    Designed with a very comfortable handle
  • check-circle
    The knife is tough and durable
  • check-circle
    Perfect for skinning any animal
  • check-circle
    Very easy to sharpen
  • check-circle
    The blade is very sturdy
  • check-circle
    It is easy to clean


  • minus-circle
    It could have been sharper

3. Victorinox Lamb Skinning - Best Victorinox Knife

Victorinox Lamb Skinning Knife

If you are a butcher or a home chef who loves enjoying fresh meat, owing the best skinning knife is a good thing to do.

You can get the Victorinox Lamb Skinning which is a professional knife that stands out amongst many on the market. This high-quality knife is designed with a durable material to provide you with a long lasting use.

It features an ergonomic handle design to offer you with comfort and control when you are skinning. The knife also brags of the right blade hardness, and laser-tested cutting edge that assures you of high edge retention. The blade is also very sturdy, and you can get it in different shapes.


  • check-circle
    Works well when skinning deer, lamb, and sheep among others
  • check-circle
    The textured handle provides a good grip
  • check-circle
    The knife is compact and sturdy
  • check-circle
    Comes at a great price
  • check-circle
    The knife is very sharp
  • check-circle
    Easy to sharpen


  • minus-circle
    No negative reviews provided on the knife
Buck Knives 0103 Skinner Fixed Blade Knife

Don't just pick any knife for skinning purposes. You should have a knife that is designed to handle the work with ease.

If you want to enjoy effortless skinning, try the Buck Knives 0103 Skinner Fixed Blade Knife.This knife is specially designed to help your skin or slaughter with ease.

It is wide enough to get the job done without using too much effort.You do not have always to buy meat from the butchery.

If you love eating fresh meat like me, you can skin the animals by yourself and enjoy yourself and save as much money as possible.


  • check-circle
    The knife has a black phenolic handle that is comfortable to hold
  • check-circle
    Has a nice design to get through thick layers
  • check-circle
    It has a quality leather sheath
  • check-circle
    The knife feels very solid
  • check-circle
    Affordable and very sharp


  • minus-circle
    No negative reviews from customers who have used the knife

Things to Consider for Best Skinning Knife

With all the information, what do you look for when you are buying a skinning knife? Even if I have provided you with some top quality skinning knives that you can buy, you still need to know a few factors that make up a perfect skinning knife. They include the following:

Blade Design

One of the most important things that you should check when buying a skinning knife is the blade design because it greatly affects its performance. You can get skinning knives with curved blades although some other types are designed with straight blades.

Type Of Game

Skinning knives come in different varieties, so your needs will highly determine the type of knife to purchase. For instance, a skinning knife that works well with rabbits might not work well when you are skinning deer. Depending on the type of game that you are hunting, look for a skinning knife that will best do the job.


The best skinning knives should provide you with a comfortable grip such that the knife doesn't fall off your hands. A knife that is comfortable to hold helps you skin with accuracy such that you can finish up your job without taking much time.

Blade Length

One of the most important factors that determine the right blade length that you should get is the type o game that you are hunting. If you are hunting big game, you need to look for a skinning knife that is up to 7 inches. 3-4 inches will be great for small game.


You do not need to keep on sharpening your skinning knife. It should have the ability to hold its sharp edge for a long time. This saves you time instead of pausing in the course of the skinning process to sharpen the knife. The best skinning knife should always stay razor sharp for a long time so that you can have a great time using it.


Who wants a knife that can't serve you for long? I know it can be a hard task to determine the durability of a skinning knife by just looking at it. This doesn't mean that you cannot get a quality skinning knife. There are quality knives like the ones I have reviewed that provide you with a long lasting use.

One of the best ways in which you can determine the durability of a knife is checking what other customers have to say about it. That way, it will be easy for you to know the durability of a skinning knife before you buy.

Fixed Blade Or Folding Blade?

Choosing between a fixed blade and a folding blade is a personal preference for most hunters. In other instances, you can find some hunters who prefer to carry both knives so that they can use the folding knife to cut around the abdomen and down the legs and then use the fixed blade knife for removing the hide of the animals.

Final Words - Wrapping it up

Not every knife will serve you well when you are removing the hides of big game animals. You should get the best skinning knife that is designed to give you an exemplary performance.

After taking the above considerations and the reviews of the best skinning knives, I believe it will be easy for you to pick a perfect product. With any of the skinning knives that I covered, count yourself as a lucky hunter.

All the above skinning knives pass durability, comfort, sharpness and maneuverability among other things. Just pick the right one that suits your needs.

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