Are There Any Good Swiss Army Knife Alternatives?

Swiss army knives are excellent for their quality, but sometimes people don’t have any use for the extra tools these knives have. In that case, a Swiss army knife alternative may be the more suitable choice for you.

A Swiss army knife alternative is often more affordable and comes with basic tools like scissors or tweezers that you use regularly. Those tools may not be as high-quality as the real Swiss knives, but they’re still reliable and they can last a long time. Plus, they can do pretty much the same tasks.

Why Find an Alternative to a Swiss Knife?

Buying an alternative to a Swiss knife is a wise decision because you get to save more money, and the alternative may be just as efficient.

Here’s a list of the reasons why Swiss army knife alternatives may be a better idea.

Most Additional Tools Don’t Get Used

While multi-tools look great, people don’t always use most of the extra tools added. The tiny saw blade is a clear example of how inconvenient some of these tools are. There’s almost no use for a blade of this size during your daily life. 

Even if you need to cut something with a small blade, you will most likely use other items like knives or scissors.

Plus, there’s no way for you to decide which extra tools to have. For instance, these multi-purpose knives come with toothpicks that most people prefer to ignore. While you can replace the toothpick, the rest of the tools don’t have any replacement.

Other Tools May Be Better

Another reason to buy a SAK is because of the extra tools included. But if you think about it, other household items are just as capable as some of the other tools the Swiss army knife offers. Let’s analyze the following items.

  • The scissor of a SAK lets you cut a page in half, but a straight-edge blade of a pocket knife could cut through the entire notebook. 
  • While you can use the saw blade to cut materials like bamboo, a single-blade knife will do it in less time. 
  • Toothpicks may not even be necessary. If they are, you can use a single-blade knife to make toothpicks out of chopsticks.

Blades Are Too Thin

The blades of a Swiss multi-purpose knife are thin, and it could be a problem more than a solution. If you want to cut thick materials, you would have to spend more time and apply more force to slice through.

Price Is High

Lastly, another reason why you should look for a Swiss knife alternative is because of the price. An original Swiss army knife is a bit expensive, especially if it comes from popular brands like Victorinox. While there’s clear justification for their price, they’re still expensive.

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Our Top 7 Swiss Army Knives Alternatives

Not any knife can match the functionality of a Swiss army knife. However, there are a few options that get pretty close. These are my top 7 picks for Swiss knives alternatives.

1.Scout Pattern Knife

These knives are multipurpose and feature a slip joint design. A scout pattern knife has antler or bone-like handles that give the item a classy, old-style look. 

Still, the functionality offered by this type of knife is pretty much identical to modern Swiss multi-purpose knives. You get many tools in one, including the main blade with a spear point end, an awl, a can opener, a bottle opener, etc.

The blade material is the lowest point of this knife. It features stainless steel that is easy to maintain, but it doesn’t hold an edge for long.

2.Boker Camp Knife

Unlike the previous tool, the Boker camp knife is a higher-end knife with genuine stag instead of cheap imitation. You can choose the handle style that you like the most out of options like bone or wood materials. Both look fantastic, and they give the knife a professional look.

A Boker camp knife comes with a few differences when compared to the standard scout knife. For instance, the knife has a cork screw that only high-quality knives have. Plus, the awl is on the back spring. 

Another nice addition is the clip-point pen knife blade found on the top side, which is smaller and provides more control. You can use it for carving or whittling perfectly. 

3.Swiza Swiss Knives

Swiza is another Swiss company that produces quality tools capable of competing against the most popular Victorinox knives. They’re available in different models, but all Swiza knives come with the same style and shape for the handle. It looks sleek, modern, and stylish. 

You can get these knives in blue, black, white, and red handle colors.

The handle is the biggest difference between a Swiza knife and a Swiss army knife. For starters, a Swiza knife has a neutral style handle, while the classic Swiss army knife has more of an oval-shaped handle. With a material that resembles hard rubber, the Swiza knife gives you more traction and a smoother feel. 

Another advantage of Swiza knives is that opening the tools is easier. There are small blade cutouts that you can access easily with two hands. Additionally, the locking blade provides a bit more safety.

The blade material is stainless steel and has a full flat grind. As a result, the Swiza knife is just as efficient. Plus, the profile of the blade is excellent for making aggressive cuts.

A Swiza Swiss knife comes with the main blade, a sharp awl, a corkscrew on the back, and a pair of tweezers. Higher-end Swiza knives have even more extra tools.

4.Boker Tech-Tool

The Tech-Tool Series from Boker is a direct competitor to the high-end multi-purpose knives. There are a bunch of models available, so let’s go over them briefly.

Mini-Tech Tool 3. This one comes with a zebra wood handle material, giving the knife a modern and natural look. The steel used is 12C27, which is easy to maintain and even easier to re-sharpen. In terms of quality, this material is often superior to many multi-purpose knives. 

The Mini-Tech Tool 3 has a main blade, a bottle opener with a flathead at the top, and a hook knife at the bottom. Use this tool for opening packages, strings, and similar tasks.

Tech-Tool City 7. This knife is larger and comes with a black G10 handle, but you can get the zebra wood or ebony wood handles as well. An innovative feature found in this tool is the pocket clip, which is a rarity in Swiss army knives

The Tech-Tool City 7 features an awl, a wine bottle opener, the main blade, a wood saw, a bottle opener, and a pair of scissors. There’s also a nice glass breaker on one of the ends.

5.Leatherman Style PS

This tool is not like a typical multi-purpose knife, but it does share some of the same purposes. The base of the Leatherman Style PS is a set of pliers, making this item more of a pliers-based multi tool than an actual knife. 

With that said, this accessory is a good alternative to the keychain-sized knives due to its small size.

If you use it unfolded, this tool gives you a functional set of pliers with a wire stripper or wire cutters at the base. While folded, you’ll have access to two main tools. One is a file with a small screwdriver on the top, and the other one is a small pair of scissors with an integrated back spring. 

There’s also a couple of tweezers and a carabiner hole that works as a bottle opener. 

The quality of this item isn’t as good, but it’s still a fine alternative. It’s also worth pointing out that this tool doesn’t have a knife blade, making it a TSA-friendly accessory.

6.Gerber Armbar

Knives from Gerber’s Armbar series are lightweight and compact, two traits that most people love about Swiss knives. The Gerber armbar comes with a court featuring a corkscrew and an armbar drive with a bit driver included. Since there’s no half stop or lock, you have to use the accessories in this knife fully extended. 

A small awl and a pair of scissors are two other tools included in this knife. In particular, the length of the scissors is one of the most satisfying features of this tool. It’s large, strong, and sturdy enough to cut thin and thick materials with ease.

The main blade is locking, featuring a nice liner lock, and opens with one hand. While the blade material is regular stainless steel, the utility shape and thickness make it a decent knife blade for heavy work.

7.Spyderco ClipiTool Series 

Lastly, Spyderco offers a series of tools that could very well work as alternatives to Victorinox compact multi tool models. 

One reason to consider buying Spyderco ClipiTool knives is that their blades hold an edge far longer than the rest. Also, the design of the blade has a small area at the heel to accommodate your finger without getting near the sharpened edge.

Besides the main blade, there’s a secondary tool that varies depending on the model of the knife. You could get a bottle opener screwdriver tool, a pair of scissors, or a partially serrated knife blade. 

Spyderco knives are among the highest-quality products out there, and the price is affordable for most budgets.

Perks of Having a Swiss Army Knife

Swiss multi-purpose knives are popular for many reasons, including their design, the high-quality construction, and the materials used to produce them. Nonetheless, the main reason knife lovers often choose this type of knife is because of the extra tools included. These are some of the perks that come with a Swiss army knife.

  • Large & Small Blade. Use the larger blade for general cutting tasks like slicing food, gutting a fish, or cutting paper. The smaller blade is better for detailed work like crafting.
  • Corkscrew. This tool is mostly for opening wine bottles.
  • Can opener. An old-style manual can opener comes in handy when least expected. 
  • Bottle opener. You can use this tool to open bottles or as a flat-head screwdriver. 
  • Awl. This tool is perfect for creating holes in leather or canvas materials. Plus, you can use it for drilling holes in wood.
  • Tweezers & Toothpick. After use, make sure to wash these tools accordingly.

What’s the Difference Between Swiss Army and Victorinox?

Swiss Army is a term that Victorinox trademarked to market their products. Besides knives, another popular accessory is the Swiss Army Watch that Victorinox offers. Decades ago, the Swiss army decided to get their supplies from this brand. That’s why the products have such a name.

Does the TSA Allow Swiss Army Knives?

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) allows Swiss army knives in checked bags. However, you won’t be able to bring the knives with you onto the plane or inside the carry-on bags. 

Luckily, the TSA classifies these knives as prohibited items but not illegal. If you forget to place them in a checked bag, security will let you get rid of the knife before flying. You won’t get arrested or charged.

Is It Illegal to Carry a Swiss Army Knife in UK?

In the United Kingdom, it’s illegal to carry a knife with a blade longer than 3 inches and a locking mechanism. If you have a large Swiss army knife, you’ll need a valid reason to justify it. However, if your knife has a blade smaller than 3 inches and doesn’t have a locking mechanism, you can carry it around legally.

What are some valid reasons for carrying a knife in the UK?

  • Your workplace requires you to use a knife.
  • Transporting the knife for exhibition at a museum or gallery.
  • For entertainment purposes, like theatre, television, or historical activities.
  • To teach someone how to use it in a demonstration.

Are Swiss Army Knives Made in China?

Some of these knives come from China, but the most genuine and high-quality models come from Switzerland. In that regard, Victorinox and Wenger were the first two companies that earned the right to call their knives actual Swiss army knives. 

Those two companies had at least 60% of the manufacturing costs take place in Switzerland, which is the requirement to claim their knives as Swiss Made. Victorinox later bought Wenger, and the rest is history.

The correct name for these knives models made in China would be a multi-purpose tool.

Why Are Swiss Army Knives So Expensive?

Swiss army knives are expensive due to the production costs, quality materials, and quality tests. Another reason for the high price is that manufacturers like Victorinox offer a lifetime warranty.

Victorinox uses the highest quality materials to create reliable knives capable of withstanding heavy-duty use. The dimensions are perfect, and the sharpened blades don’t go dull with ease.

What Is an Alternative Phrase for Swiss Army Knife?

Multi-tool and pocket knife are two alternative names for a Swiss army knife.

What Is Swiss Army Knife Toothpick Alternative?

The toothpick included as an implement is alright, but some people have no use for it. If that’s your case, try replacing it with tweezers, a pen, a sewing needle, or firefly fire starters. In case you just want another toothpick, change it with a titanium toothpick.


A Swiss army knife alternative can be exactly what you need if you don’t want to deal with a bunch of unnecessary implements. Consider the products mentioned here, and pick the one that suits your needs the most. If you do, you’ll invest your money wisely in a multi-purpose tool suitable for different occasions and tasks.

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