How to Sharpen Electric Knives

Knives occupy a special place in our lives. There are various kinds of knives, and all of them require good maintenance to keep them in perfect shape. I like my knives kept sharp always.

I don’t like to suffer the inconvenience of finding any of my knives blunt when I need them the most. I own a wide collection of electric knives too. Electric knife blades like the ones on a carving knife tend to be designed with a serrated edge.

Some people still believe that electric knife blades should not and cannot be sharpened. That is nothing but a myth. One thing that I can agree too is the fact that electric knives stay for longer compared to conventional blades simply because they have a serrated edge.

But they still need to be sharpened regardless. It helps keep the blades in optimum condition. The problem with most people is that they don’t know how to sharpen their electric knives the right way. Let me show you how.

Sharpener for Electric Knives

Sharpening your knives is one of the best ways to keep them maintained. That’s how you keep them up and working. Sharpening an electric knife is a little bit different from sharpening an ordinary knife. There are tools or machines that provide better sharpening, and that makes the process fast and easier. You can choose to either sharpen your knives manually or with the use of electric sharpeners.

There are various sharpeners, electric or manual, which have proven to sharpen electric or serrated knives pretty well. You just have to know how to choose the best sharpener from the long list that perfectly sharpens serrated knives too. 

If you get a sharpener that handles both electric and serrated knives, the better. You need a tool that provides quick work for cleaning up your bait knives and fillet knives. A good sharpener for electric knives is worth every penny since it will save you the trouble and the time. You can also use sharpening rod to keep your knives nice and sharp.

Choosing the Best Sharpener

Picking the best sharpener is easy if you know how to choose. There are hundreds of different knife sharpeners to choose from. One factor to consider is the knife’s ease of use. You obviously don’t want to make a hassle out of your knife sharpening.

If the sharpener is easy to use, your knives will be sharpened without fear of scratching them. Also, ensure that it can sharpen your knife to 15 degrees or even lesser angle. If you can find a durable sharpener, you can save a lot for your benefit, and for the benefit of your knives.

Separate the Blades

To sharpen an electric knife, you must first separate the blades and sharpen them one at a time. You lay the flat side of each blade against the matching carbide, and then you pull through slow using light pressure. You begin the process by unplugging the knife from the power source. It is for your safety and to protect you and the machine.

After the connection to electric source is cut, now you can remove the electric knife from the machine to begin sharpening. You will need to hold it firmly in place to begin sharpening. Hold the knife by the flat base with the tip facing away from you. If you are using a sharpening rod, hold and grip it in your other hand.

Rest the sharpening rod carefully in the first serration of your electric knife blade, and that’s the first divot from the knife’s blunt base that you are holding. That’s when you can now slide the knife blade up and down successively on the sharpener while you make sure the sharpener’s metal rod remains it the same serration all along. Do the same action for each serration from the first serration near the handle until you reach the tip of the knife. This will help sharpen the outside edge of the blade.


A blunt knife is a disaster waiting to happen. A sharp knife allows you to cut through objects with less energy, and that makes everything easy and enjoyable for you as a user. A sharp knife cut through food with less slippage. Safety should be applied during sharpening too. When you are sharpening your electric knife, there are parts that you need to hold if you want to be safe.

If you are using an electric sharpener, the process will be slightly different from when you are using manual sharpeners. Electric or serrated knives are better sharpened using manual methods, but if you find the right electric sharpeners, you might even love it more.

All an electric sharpener needs is simply to hold the knife steadfastly and let it do the rest. If you follow the instructions on the manual, you will determine how to do the sharpening in a way that is more effective. Even if you don’t know how to operate the sharpeners, if you follow the instructions everything will just work out well. Diamond rat tail types of knife sharpeners have proven to be more effective.

When you find models that can sharpen electric knives, makes sure it isn’t the economy models. Make sure you check the manufacturer’s documentation to find out if the machine is authentic for the purpose that it is meant to serve.

You can always touch up your serrated knives with a large success if you use to last or finest stage of your electric sharpener. If you are sharpening a serrated knife, you will need to sharpen each serration with around tapered sharpening rod. Electric sharpeners are better in the fact that the angles are non-variable.

Final Verdict

If you still don’t know how to sharpen your electric knives, this guide will help you determine how. You can choose your favorite method or sharpening tool to use for your electric knives sharpening. Once you find the right sharpener, practice the skill of sharpening so that you don’t do it the wrong way. You don’t want to destroy your valuable knives with poor sharpening activities.

Let me know if you have any other great ideas, looking forward to hearing from you! 🙂

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