How to Sharpen Electric Knife Blades

Most people who have electric knives, think that they don’t need to bother about sharpening the knife whatsoever. But this is not the case in reality. Electric knives have blades that don’t require sharpening like most other conventional knives. However, the blade still gets blunt and needs you to sharpen over time.

Sharpening electric knife blade, especially the serrated one, isn’t that easy. Therefore, it requires special attention and tools to sharpen.

This article will show you how you can safely sharpen your electric knife blade in the easiest ways.

What is an Electric Knife?

An electric knife has a serrated blade, and it is powered by an electric motor. The motor powers the blade and makes it move back and forth so that it can cut objects effortlessly.

Basically, the main difference between an electric knife and a regular knife is that an electric one has a serrated blade while a regular one has a regular blade. Regular blade requires a hand to move it back and forth, and an electric motor takes care when it comes to a serrated blade.

Do Electric Knives Require to Sharpen?

Most electric knives advertisements and TV commercials say that you don’t need to sharpen your knife. But that’s not true; those false advertisements are for selling purposes only.

Just because an electric one doesn’t get dulled too quickly compared to a regular one, doesn’t mean you are good to go without sharpening the blade for good.

As the blade of an electric knife has serrated edges, it stays sharp for a long time. But over time, those edges also get dull and the knife doesn’t perform as optimum as before. So, to regain its sharpness, you would need to sharpen the blade when required.

How to Sharpen Your Electric Knife?

Sharpening the blade is not only a great way to maintain your electric knife, but also it can increase the efficiency of your cutting work. Like the blade, you are dealing with is different than regular ones, you will require different sharpeners and different sharpening rods.

Using an Electric Knife Sharpener

Check out above video to know how to use an electric sharpener

Not all the electric sharpeners available in the market are suitable for your blade. There are some specific sharpeners for serrated blades. Make sure whatever sharpener you are about to get; can handle the type of blade your knife has. This method will save you time and increase the performance of the blade as well.

Coming to the point of how to sharpen the blade. Don’t worry, even if you take a look on an electric knife sharpener, you will guess how to roll the blade onto it. All you need to do is, place the blade between the rods of the sharpener and push and pull the knife back and forth. Less than a minute, the knife will regain its optimum sharpness.

Using a Sharpening Rod – Manual Job

However, sharpening a serrated blade with a sharpening rod is time-consuming, but it would be worth spending time on it considering the sharpness your knife will have. Follow the step-by-step guide to sharpen your electric knife blade effectively.

  • Carefully detach the serrated blade from the machine. Don’t rush, or you will end up cutting your finger.
  • Hold the flat base of the blade. The tip of the blade should be facing away from you.
  • Now, take the sharpening rod in your other hand and place the rod in the first serration of the blade.
  • Then, slide the blade in both upward and downward motion on the rod. The rod’s metal should be in the same serration spot until you finish.
  • Sharpen every serration of the entire blade. Repeat the same process on the other side of the blade as well.

Precautions While Using Electric Knives

  • Keep your electric knife far away from kids.
  • Don’t attempt to touch the moving parts when the switch is on.
  • Always turn it off before cleaning and sharpening.
  • Unplug every time when you are done to prevent injuries.
  • Avoid using it with a wet hand.
  • If you accidentally drop the knife in water, unplug it immediately.

Wrapping up

Over time, your electric knife will lose its sharpness, and this is why you need to sharpen it when necessary. It’s a part of knife maintenance; so if you take care of it, the knife will surely take care of all your cutting staffs.

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