How to Sharpen a Knife at Home

The knife is the partner of daily life. Especially we cannot think of our kitchen except for the knife. Not only the knife but also the sharpener is also quite part and parcel of daily life. The importance of a knife and sharpener goes side by side. When you are one of the knife users, you have to keep a sharper to you. Otherwise, you have to face a lot of obstacles at the time of performing your works. Many users fall into confusion on how to sharpen a knife at home.

Although first of all, it seems hard. But practically it is not. Just following the instructions, you can sharpen your knife at home. Varieties ways are sharpening your knife at home; you can use any of those which your seems the best.

Electric S​​​​​​​​​harpener

You must have heard about the electric sharpener. It is one of the ideals of the sharpener. Those are the best suited for the kitchen. The user likes this machine because of many reasons.

First of all, an electric sharpener deserves the least labor.

Second, it saves time.

Third, an electric sharpener has more durability than the other sharpener. The electric sharpener consists of very high-quality metal. There are different types of electric sharpeners are available in the market. You can choose the electric sharpener according to your choice.

Lastly, electric sharper is used widely. Especially the electric sharpener is fit for the home.


Whetstone is playing the most productive roles in the spheres of sharpening knife. You can use this sharpening tool at home. The whetstone is not easy as the electric sharpener. It is a little bit confusing. But you can use this after dedicating few moments.

You have to maintain lots of rules. The whetstone is used too much as the Stone has the two-layered girt. There are both the finest grit and coarse sand available. At the time of using the sharpener, you can use coarse grit and second the finest sand. Besides, you need to use the right angle for having the appropriate sharpness of your knife. It should keep in mind that you should not use the same angle for different types of knives. Most of the time, you can use the 22 degrees and 22½ degrees angle for sharpening your knife. You can have a great output using the whetstone at home.

Knife for knives

When you want to find out any way of sharpening your knife, you can use another knife to sharpen the edge of your knife. The professional butcher uses these ways for sharpening the knife. You can use this system at home. But you have to be more sincere at the time of using another knife. It can be risky for the beginner. You can perform this within a short period. Using gloves is mandatory when you are going to use the knife for knives at home so that your finger is never hurt with the knife.

Knife Sharpening Steel

It is another excellent way of sharpening your knives at home. The way is excellent and safe. If you follow the rules, It will not be difficult for you. Now I am going to describe the step how you use tee sharpening steel at home. First of all, you have to hold the steel tightly. Then, you should keep your knife 15-degree angle away. After that, you should keep your knife under pressure.

Try to bring your knife upward and downward. Second step: Keep pressure between the steel and the edge of a knife with a 15-degree angle. You should check the edge after using the blade a few times. Step third: Find out which side of the step is not smoothly shaped.

Then Adhere to the specific parts of the steel and give presser again. After that, you will have the expected edge of your knife. Among all other sharpens, you can use the electric sharpener, whetstone, sharpening steel because those are more effective and easier to use at home.

Final words

You must need to sharpen the edge of your knife for your safety. Besides, it is quite necessary for making your activities dynamic. There are different types of the sharpener in the present market. But all are not the same to play the role.

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