How to sharpen a knife with a stone

Keeping the edge of your knife sharp is too essential. It is the most important aspect when you go to cutting anything using your electric knife. When you need to use the knife, you must think over the sharpness of your knife. If you are not alert about the sharpness of knife that used, it will kill your time, and there may have the possibilities of hurting your finger.

That is why it is quite important to share your knife after a definite period. You can sharpen your knife various ways but using a stone is the best way. As a result, your expensive knife will never be hampered.

Here, you will be able to learn how to sharpen your knife using stone.

Select the Coarse Stone to Sharpen

The first step of sharpening your knife is to select the coarse stone. It keeps the most effective role. Not all the knife deserves the same stone. The knife which is being used always needs not a coarse stone. Just using the simple stone, you can have the perfect result, but when you are going to sharpen the oldest knife, or you are going to turn the U shape edge into V shape, you must select the coarse stone.

Otherwise, you will not be able to sharpen your knife. The coarse stone helps you remove the over layered of your knife and refine within a short period. But, you can use the fine stone against the slightly dull knife.

Select the Right Angle

The second step of sharpening your knife is to select the right angle. The right angle lessens the hardship of sharpening your knife. The knife manufacturer recommended the 20-degree angle of sharpening knife. However, you can increase and decreases the angle of the angle depends on your knife. An appropriate angle of sharpening your knife saves your time and provides a better result.

Apply Oil or Water to Stone

The dried stones do not provide the practical result. If your stone is wet somewhat, it serves you in the best way. So before sharpening, you try to use the few drops of water and makes the stones witty and dampening to have the better output.

You can keep an expensive spray bottle for making easy your work. Besides, you can use oil used instead of water. Using oil in the Arkansas and Crystalline stones provide the better result.

Start the Sharpening Your Knife

First of all, you should take step forcibly to remove upper layered of your knife. When you are sure that the knife has been free from the upper layered, you should take step smoothly. Keep in mind that the knife is being sharpened equally from first to last. You should not give pressure more in the upper part of the knife. When you think that the knife is sharp enough, you should not rub more with the stone, if you give the excess pressure to your knife, you will lose the durability of your knife.

How Sharp Deserves Your Knife

Whether your knife has been sharp or not, depends on the edge of your knife. It is true that the sharper, the better, But too sharp of your knife does not provide the good result. So you have to keep always balance your knife at the time of rubbing your knife with stone. Try never to sharpen excess, if you do, you have to take another expensive knife within a short period.

Consult With the Professional Sharpener

In spite of sharpening your knife, you may be confused; your taken step has been right or wrong. Besides, you can be 100% satisfied until you follow an expert. So at the first step, you must follow one, later you can perform with 100% satisfaction.

Wrapping up – Final Words

The knife is a necessary daily tool. You will be a lame in a kitchen without a sharp knife. As you have to use a knife, you have to be sincere about the sharpness of your knife. So you have to care your knife taking some steps. Using the stone is one of the best of the way of sharpening knife. But you should not use the stone blindly, before using stone for sharpening; you must know the rules mentioned above to have the best output.

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