How to Sharpen a Knife Without a Sharpener

Although a knife is part and parcel of the kitchen, a Knife is used for various purposes. Even, most of us have to use a knife in outdoor activities. A Sharpener is an ideal partner of the knife.

You have to let your knife pass few moments with the sharpener for having the best output from your knife. Otherwise, it will disgust you at the time of slicing anything, even, it will hurt you.

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No doubt, a sharpener is an ideal partner for your knife. If the sharpener is not available or you do not feel comfortable using the sharpener, you can take alternative ways, such as:

You Can Select a Ceramic Mug

A ceramic mug can be an alternative way of your sharpener. Primarily, you can use the bottom of your mug. The surface of the bottom of your mug is used as a sharpener. Keep your knife at a 30-40 degree angle on the ceramic mug then drag and push with the same pressure. After passing few times, you will have that your knife has been splendidly sharp.

A Car Window

It is also another way of sharpening your knife. But you have to use the deserted car. Just keep the edge of your sharpener, push and pull your knife attaching with the window of the car, you will be able to sharpen your knife.

Knife For Knife

It is also another technique to use a knife for sharpening the knife. It is an easier technique. But you must be sensitive at the time of using another knife. If you are fresher to use the techniques, you may cut your finger. So you must be alert to use a knife for the knife.

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Sandpaper is one of the best ways of sharpening your knife. These types of paper are thicker and covered with different-sized grit particles. As silicon carbide or aluminum oxide is used to make these types of paper, it is too effective to clean any things or sharpen a knife. When you go to select the sandpaper for your knife, you must select the sandpaper of high grade.

Different types of Stones

Among all others techniques of sharpening knives except sharpener, the stone is the most familiar and easy technique. There are different types of stones available in the market. Such as Industrial Diamond, Corundum, Arkansas Stones, etc. Diamond stones are of different sizes and ranges. The stone is pricey in comparison to others.

The Stones play the most useful role, but it has negative aspects that it weakens the knife over time. Corundum is one of the common stones; it is available to purchase. It is also cheap with a price. Ceramic Stones are used typically in rod form. The stone is not worn out easily. Arkansas stone is one of the most familiar stones for sharpening knives. It is common but costly. As the stone plays the most useful role, the user loves to use this stone.

Final Words

Sharpening a knife is mandatory irrespective of the grade of steel. When one sharpens his knife, he must be sincere about the angle alignment of sharpening. Naturally, the angle depends on the object of your knife. You can use a 10 and 30 degrees angle at the time of sharpening your knife. A 22-degree angle is perfect for slicing and cutting purposes.

The skinning knives deserve a higher angle where razor knives deserve a lower sharpening angle. You can use various types of techniques for sharpening your knife except for the sharpener, but you have to be sincere about the correct angle while sharpening your knife.

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