Elite Cuisine EK-570B Maxi-Matic Knife Review

If you have not been using electric knives, then you are missing a lot. An electric knife injects some relief and ease in the kitchen cutting chores. As much as an electric knife is good news, it can also be bad news if you make the wrong choice. Elite is a well-known and popular kitchen accessories brand and its automated knife offering hold up that reputation in this best electric knife reviews.

Elite Cuisine EK-570B Maxi-Matic Electric Knife has features that make for a knife that will not let you down.

It offers you the possibility to slice a variety of foods. In the morning, you will get to slice freshly baked bread and spread margarine or make a sandwich. Read also: Top 10 bread slicers for home use

You can also slice a block of cheese into small pieces then slice roasted or fried meat. It’s time to ditch shredding knives and those that need sharpening often; this is not the case with this cuisine slicer.

The Elite Cuisine EK-570B Maxi-Matic Electric Knife ships with two serrated blades. Both are clearly well-crafted from stainless steel. And on top of their wooing aesthetics sense, the company managed to add a convenient eject button that makes it easy to remove the blades and clean them.

Two Stainless Steel Blades

The Elite Cuisine EK-570B Maxi-Matic Electric Knife comes with two full size serrated stainless steel blades. The serrated design of the knives enables you to cut and slicing a whole lot of foods. The blade allows you to cut up to 5 inches.

The two stainless steel blades are easily interchangeable through the quick release button. The blades also have the strength to stand some intense cutting.

Sleek Design

A sleek design facilitates for a comfort grip. A comfort grip then translates to precise cutting. It requires that you grasp the handle while holding down the trigger. That makes for ease of use since once you let off the trigger, the knife goes off.

The black color of the handle complements the sleek design of the knife. The handle perfectly accommodates the powerful motor.

Quick And Easy Cleaning

In the kitchen cleanliness is always a priority. A knife that does not require much effort to clean facilitates in keeping the kitchen clean. Elite Cuisine EK-570B Maxi-Matic Electric Knife has features that enhance the cleanliness.

The blade’s eject button is conveniently placed on the top of the handle. The eject button makes for quick and easy cleaning. Once the blade ejects, you can easily clean it using detergents or even place it in the dishwasher.

Ergonomic Handle

Elite Cuisine uses an ergonomic handle on this knife to give you the perfect grip. The only challenge that you will get with the handle is that it needs some big hands. I find the handle comfortable, but my wife finds the handle too big for her.

All the other features of the handle including the touch on/off button are in a convenient position. They allow for easy on/off and much easier blade release.


The stainless steel serrated blades make for durable blades that will see you through a long time of use. The blades are extra sharp and ideal for cutting different types of meat

Normally I choose to change the blade when one gets dull. Getting dull is not a thing that happens easily, so the knife will give you excellent serviceability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is the handle is too big?

A: The handle is big especially for those with small hands.

Q: Does the handle come only in color black?

A: Yeah, the handle comes only in color black which is very appealing.

Q: Must I hold down the trigger during operation?

A: Yes, once you let go the trigger the knife goes off.

Final Words – Wrapping Up

Get yourself a knife that does not get dull in the first week of use. Such a knife is the Elite Cuisine EK-570B Maxi-Matic Electric Knife. The knife is from quality materials, and the motor gives for excellent performance. The design makes for ease of use and eases to clean. Elite Cuisine EK-570B Knife is one of the best electric knives you should try it out.

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