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Best Magnetic Knife Holder – Putting the Blades on the Right Rack

Magnetic knife holders are the best place to keep your kitchen knives. Storing them inside the drawers is not a good idea as the constant rattling may cause them to lose their edge.

Also, compared to traditional wooden blocks, magnetic knife racks are space-saving, convenient, and hygienic. They also help keep your cutlery tools out of reach of children.

But not all magnetic knife holders are created equal. Some have better qualities than others. They also come in a variety of designs, sizes, and materials. If you need help looking for the best magnetic knife holder for your kitchen, check out the reviews below!

The 10 Best Magnetic Knife Holders and Racks of 2021

1. Modern Innovations 16-Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Bar With Multipurpose Use

Modern Innovations 16 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Bar with Multipurpose Use
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Measuring 16 inches in length, this magnetic bar can hold more knives than the usual wooden knife block. It features a neodymium magnet, which can safely and securely keep your cutting tools where they belong. Its pull is so strong that once you hold the knife about one and a half inches away, it will be instantly snatched from your hand.

Aside from being a knife holder, this magnetic bar is also an excellent multipurpose organizer. You can mount one onto any surface and use it to store various items. It will safely hold your keys, scissors, and other small magnetic items that you usually leave lying around in your house.

For easy installation, this product comes with mounting hardware and an illustrated instruction manual. If you don’t want to drill holes into your backsplash for the screws, you can instead mount it using industrial strength adhesives, double-sided tape, or strong Velcro strips. Or you may simply choose to stick it on your fridge.

Key Features:

  • With its extended length, this magnetic knife holder can hold at least eight knives in place.
  • The smooth, magnetic surface is rust-proof and easy to clean.
  • The high-grade stainless steel is not only durable but also elegant-looking.
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2. Kurouto Walnut Magnetic Knife Holder With Multi-Purpose Functionality – Made In USA

Walnut Multi Purpose Magnetic Knife Strip
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While most magnetic knife holders are made of stainless steel, this one is made of wood. The sleek and modern design of this 12-inch knife rack makes it a nice decorative addition to your kitchen wall. But aside from adding elegance to your kitchen, this product is also extremely effective at holding cutlery tools.

Since the magnets are embedded in the wood, many people think that the magnetic pull would be diminished. On the contrary, this knife holder can securely hold even the largest knife in your kitchen.

The secret lies in the type of material used: this product contains rare and powerful magnets that have a stronger force compared to regular ones.

Additionally, because the product’s surface is wood, it won’t rust or dull your knives – even if the blade hits the surface hard by accident, it won’t chip or damage the edge.

Aside from the kitchen, this magnetic knife bar is also a great addition to your bathroom, garage, laundry room, or any work area. You can use it to hold metal grooming kits, do-it-yourself tools, and other metallic items. This product also comes with mounting hardware and template, which makes the installation process easy and painless. Simply follow the instructions, and you’re all set.

Compared to most magnetic knife holders in this guide, this one comes with a heftier price tag. But considering its impressive design and multifunctionality, it’s a worthy investment.

Key Features:

  • The wooden finish adds to the aesthetic appeal of this magnetic knife holder.
  • This holder is easy to mount on tiles or on the backsplash.
  • The premium USA grown walnut wood is rust-free, durable, and easy to clean.
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3. Ouddy 16-Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Strip

16 Inch magnetic knife strip
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This premium-quality magnetic knife strip is made from stainless steel. It features powerful magnets that can keep your kitchen cutlery securely in place. The magnetism is consistent throughout the bar’s entire back, top, and bottom areas, ensuring the charge is evenly distributed along the strip’s surface.

With its sleek, space-saving design, this 16-inch knife holder is the best magnetic organizer for showcasing your cutlery set or simply getting them out of the way. It’s easy to mount onto the drywall or on the side of the cabinets. If you want, you can attach it magnetized on your fridge or any metal surface.

The package comes with an illustrated instruction manual and mounting hardware to help you with the installation, which can take about 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

Be extra mindful when mounting this knife holder. Your fingers might get caught between the plate and the magnet if you’re not careful.

If you want to mount this on a tile backsplash, you can try using double-sided tape, Velcro with adhesive, or 3M command strips. Another option is to use a diamond drill and add an anchor or screws.

Key Features:

  • The extended length allows it to hold more knives, yet it’s small enough that it won’t take up so much space on your kitchen wall.
  • The strip is rust-resistant, easy to clean, and will never lose its magnetic charge.
  • As a multipurpose holder, this knife organizer is also great for holding kitchen utensils, art supplies, and small work tools.
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4. HMmagnets Premium 17 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder

Premium 17 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Space-Saving Knife Bar
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At 17 inches, this is one of the longest knife holders on the market. It features extra-strong magnets that span the entire bar, allowing it to safely hold all types of knives, from the slimmest (e.g., small folding knife) to the largest (e.g., butcher’s knife), without slipping or shifting.

Despite the strong magnetic force, taking the knives off from the holder is relatively easy. It only takes a slight tug to release a knife. Take note, however, that the added length makes this knife organizer quite heavy. It’s not recommended to mount this on your refrigerator, unlike other magnetic knife holders.

Compared to Modern Innovations stainless steel magnetic kitchen holder, this one can hold more knives and utensils. But since it’s longer, it will occupy more space on your wall or whatever surface you wish to mount it.

Made of 304-type stainless steel, this premium knife holder looks elegant and professional, not to mention highly durable and resistant to corrosion. Most other magnetic knife holders use 201-type, which makes them less expensive yet not as sturdy.

Another reason to love this product is the HMagnet’s customer service. They’re willing to provide additional information if you’re confused about installation. Plus, they voluntarily offer refunds if you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

Key Features:

  • The secret to this knife holder’s strength is the three lines of heavy-duty magnets on the front side.
  • The bar is thick enough to give enough room between the knife handles and the holder’s surface.
  • The package comes with a special stencil to help achieve level positioning on the wall.
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5. Woodsom Magnetic Knife Strip, Holder (Walnut, 16 inches)

Powerful Magnetic Knife Strip
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If you want a functional and beautiful accent for your kitchen wall, this just might be the best magnetic knife holder for you. It’s attractive, practical, and expertly crafted! It’s an effective magnetic tool organizer and a great conversation starter.

Embedded with strong magnets, this 16-inch, all-natural wood knife holder has a strong magnetic pull from end to end and without dead spots! Even the screw holes have small magnets on the outside. And since the knives only touch the surface of the wood, the blades will not be nicked or scratched.

Another great thing about this knife holder is that it securely holds knives, but won’t give you a hard time when you need to pull them off. You can remove each one easily with a twist.

It’s worth mentioning, though, that compared to most stainless steel magnetic knife holders, this one is not magnetic on the backside. If you wish to attach this to your refrigerator, you need to stick double-sided mounting tape to its back.

Key Features:

  • This knife holder has a large surface area, allowing it to hold more items in place.
  • Mounting hardware and easy-to-follow installation instructions are included.
  • Since it’s wood, this product is less likely to rust.
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6. ADMLC Magnetic Knife Block (Natural Bamboo), Knife Holder, Cutlery Display Stand, And Storage Rack

14.8 inch magnetic knife block made by natural bamboo

This product is an excellent option if you still prefer the old wood knife block, but want something that will keep your knives securely in place. This cutlery storage rack features a strong 14.8-inch magnetic plate. It’s double-sided, so there’s plenty of room for 14-16 knives measuring 9-15 inches.

This bamboo knife rack weighs about 4 kilos (or 8.8 lbs). It’s quite heavy, so be sure to put it somewhere out of the way or where it doesn’t need to be moved frequently. However, at nearly 15 inches in length, it doesn’t take up much space in the kitchen.

The only downside with this product is that unlike with other knife holders, its magnetic charge tends to weaken when exposed to heat. If you are considering owning this magnetic knife holder, remember to keep it away from your fire source.

Key Features:

• The built-in 12 blocks of magnets ensure that knives stay stuck in their place.
• Easy to assemble and disassemble.
• It’s durable, rust-free, and environment-friendly.

7. Unique Effects 18-Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder And Space-Saving Strip

18 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Space-Saving Strip for Kitchen Knives & Utensils

Compared to other magnetic knife holders that are mainly one solid strip, this heavy-duty stainless steel organizer is composed of two powerful bar magnets. Apart from keeping the knives in place, they also keep the blades from rotating when taken off.

In addition to the magnetic part, it features six hooks that you can slide in any position as you please. This allows the rack to hold more knives and other commonly used utensils.

As with some of the best magnetic knife holders out there, this space-saving strip is also useful for organizing an office, garage, and workshop tools. To ensure easy and hassle-free installation, the package comes with detailed mounting instructions.

Key Features:

  • The hooks are removable, which is great if you need to place more knives on the magnetic strip.
  • Both the stainless steel and magnetic parts are durable and can sustain frequent use.
  • The satin finish makes this knife holder look sleek and elegant.

8. Eco Kitchen Magnetic Knife Strip 18-Inch

Magnetic Knife Rack With 6 Hooks

Made from high-grade stainless steel, this 18-inch magnetic knife holder features two powerful neodymium magnets. They are so strong that they can even hold something as large as an 8-inch santoku knife or a 7-inch heavy cleaver. But compared to Unique Effects’ similar model, this one is a bit heavier at 11.2 ounces.

The slim design makes this knife holder ideal for small kitchens. In addition to the magnet bars, it comes with six metal hooks that can be used to keep household items, such as scissors, kitchen utensils, and measuring cups, organized.

Installation is pretty straightforward. As with most magnetic knife holders, this product comes with mounting hardware and installation instructions. Once installed, expect this premium knife holder to last a long time. Thanks to its high-quality materials, it won’t rust, stain, or corrode. More importantly, it will never lose its magnetic charge!

Key Features

  • The metallic look makes it a great addition to a kitchen with modern architectural designs.
  • As a practical and versatile knife holder, this item is the best gift for both professional chefs and casual cooks.
  • This product is made from environmentally friendly materials.

9. PremiumPresents Eco-Friendly Bamboo Wood Magnetic Knife Holder

17 inch knife strip

If you are into products that promote sustainability and environment preservation, this one is best for you. Made of high-quality, eco-friendly bamboo, this magnetic knife holder is sturdy, durable, and will last a lifetime.

With the magnet embedded into the wood from end to end, you can keep all your knives and metal tools attached anywhere on the 17-inch bar. Compared to Woodsom’s and Kurouto ‘s walnut magnetic knife holders, though, this one doesn’t have much charge. It wouldn’t work on knives that are quite heavy and have low magnetic properties.

You might want to note that only the front side is magnetized. If you’re thinking of attaching the backside onto your refrigerator, it will not work. This knife holder is built to be hung on the wall on the backside with two screw holes.

On the plus side, the installation doesn’t require any special tools. You just have to put two drywall anchors on the wall, and that’s it! Be sure to follow the illustrated instruction manual.

Key Features:

  • This knife holder is strong enough to hold up to 10 knives.
  • Since this product is 2.5 inches thick, there’s plenty of space where you can store cutlery utensils.
  • This magnetic knife rack is useful in your workshop, office, garage, and other work areas.

10. X-bet MAGNET Adhesive Magnetic Strip for Knives Kitchen With Multipurpose Use

Adhesive Magnetic Kitchen Utensil Holder

For those who rent a small apartment, live in a motorhome, or just don’t have much kitchen space for a traditional knife block, this magnetic strip offers the best storage solution. It’s small yet strong enough to hold knives of any size.

The adhesive magnetic strips may look flimsy, but don’t let their appearance fool you. These are powerful knife holders that can effectively keep any type of cutlery tools in place. Measuring 12.28 x 1.73 x 0.59 inches, they can also be used to organize utensils, garage tools, and other magnetic items.

Using just a single magnetic strip is usually enough to get the job done. But if you feel that one is not enough, you can mount the two strips alongside each other.

Key Features:

  • The adhesive on the backside can stick to plastic, metal, concrete, tiles, and other surfaces.
  • The magnetic strips are strong, durable, and flexible.
  • This product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Final Thoughts

Some knife holders stand out more than others. For our money, the best product on this list is the Ouddy 16-Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Strip. It has everything you need in a rack: durability, strong magnets, hassle-free installation, and affordable price.

Another excellent choice is the Kurouto Walnut Magnetic Knife Holder. Although priced higher, its design and multifunctionality make it a worthy purchase.

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