Magic Chef Stainless Steel Knife Review

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I have had first-hand experience of how disappointing a blunt knife can be. You feel like you are cutting with a spoon. Sharpening makes the situation better, but after a few weeks, bluntness haunts you again. 

You don’t even look forward to preparing a meal that requires slicing or cutting. But once I acquired the Magic Chef Stainless Steel Electric Knife, cutting has never been the same.

The Magic Chef Knife is a solution to all your cutting troubles. Just as the name sounds, the knife works like magic. The electric appliance is made of steel and passes through meat and vegetables like a hot knife on butter. A perfect kitchen companion tool for you.

High-Quality Stainless Steel

Just as the name suggests, the magic features a stainless steel electric knife of sound quality. The steel material used means the knife will work diligently and flawlessly. It will slice through any food you want it to without struggle be it satiny or not.

The stainless steel attribute of the knife means you will never find it rusting. As I have said, working on satiny foods won’t matter when working with this knife. If you have worked with other types of metals not stainless, you know how inconvenient it can be.

Three Distinct Blades

The magic chef is one of the very few knives that will allow you to experience three different blade functions. This particular knife has three fully functional blades for different food categories. You won’t have to buy different knives for different cutting.

There is a knife for slicing bread, another blade for cutting vegetables, and the third one for the stake. You can switch them at any time without hassle. I find this feature ideal for everyone, especially those of us who spend time alone in the kitchen.

Has an Ergonomic Handle

The magic knife has a sleek, black in color handle that is ergonomic and gives the user maximum comfort while slicing, carving or cutting whichever food item. This feature ensures you have a very humble time especially once connected to power.

The handle, I have found to be adamant and quite durable I must say. I have worked with other handles that are not as strong, but with this one, you can tell the difference right away. The handle is also pretty sturdy and does not move.

Has Sharp Blades

You might not find any sharper knife than the magic knife anywhere. The magic knife is acclaimed for having one of the sharpest blades in the knife business today. Users are warned to be extremely careful when using this knife.

Users have found the sharpness of the blade long lasting. Certainly, this knife won’t give you cutting problems from dull blades. With the magic chef, slicing is neat and flawless. You won’t have to sharpen it often. The steel material ensures it stays sharp for longer periods.

Woodblock Tray

The majority of companies dealing with blades and sharp object are very inconsiderate. They typically pack blades and ship them without care of how you will store the blade in your home. It can be unfortunate for users with little knowledge on blade safe keeping and kids in their homes.

Unlike these companies, the magic knife stainless steel manufacturers offer additional woodblock trays for knife safekeeping. It maintains your knife in the same sharp state for a long time. Meaning you won’t have to sharpen it often as a result of blade bluntness. The blade ensures your knife stays sharp for longer periods.

Features I Liked Most

  • Offers special cutting tip for hard to carve areas
  • Crafted from top quality steel
  • Comfort grip
  • Easy setup

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many blades does this knife have and is it corded?

The knife has three blades, and yes, it is corded.

Generally, What is the weight of the knife and length of the blade?

The knife is light with only one and a half pounds and a 7-inch long blade.

What are the origins of the knife manufacturers?

The knife is made in the USA.

Final Cut – Wrapping up

The Magic Chef Stainless Steel electric knife is made to solve all your troubles at a slice. It is exceptional when it comes to cutting. Out of experience, this knife easily passes as the best I have worked with.

You won’t regret having the magic knife item as your cutting companion. Priced at an economic value too means it’s incredibly affordable for an electric knife. You don’t have an excuse as to not acquiring one it worked for me; it should work for you too.

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