Black & Decker EK500B Knife Review

9 inch Black color black and decker brand knife model: EK500B

I was once invited to my friend’s baby shower party. When I stepped in her kitchen; the first thing I noticed was the Black and Decker Slice Right Electric Knife on the rack. I was sure that my work in the kitchen would be easier.

If you have this type of knife, you should not worry anymore because it is the number one cutting knives on the market. The knife performs a variety of tasks ranging from slicing bread, cutting vegetables (use these choppers for vegetable), and carving meat among many others.

It provides a smooth performance and an easy time when you are suing it, and this is why you should have it in your kitchen. Before you embark on buying this knife you have to put in mind some of the features that the knife have.

Safety Lock

Remember this is an electronic knife, and what makes this knife to be the number one item in the market today is the key lock button that it has, the lock has a press button that when pressed it unlocks. This knife cuts all sorts of foods. You should note that this knife does not need to cut products that are frozen; frozen products will damage the knife.

The stainless steel blades offer the best performance when you are cutting through meat, bread, craft foam and much more. About 7 1/2 of the blade is serrated with an additional 1 ½ tang before the plastic to provide up to 9 inches of carving. What more can you expect from this knife apart from the best performance?

Sharp Blade

Black and Decker Slice knife has very sharp blades. The good news is that after even using it for cutting so many types of food without getting blunt. The blade can retain its sharp edge for long such that you do not have to stop in the middle of your work to sharpen the knife.

Comfort Grip Handle

If you have used a knife with a poorly designed handle, you can relate the inconsistency it provides when you are working. This one allows you to carry out your tasks with precision and accuracy. Its handle is comfortable and made to provide you with effective control when you are cutting or slicing.

Ease of Cleaning

Once you have used your knife to carve meat, you need to maintain it clean so that it can be ready to perform other tasks. Cleaning this knife after use is effortless. It has dishwasher safe parts for fast and easy cleanup. The blades are also removable to provide easy cleaning. The knife also features blade release button where you can remove the blades with just a press of the button.

Features I liked most

  • Features Non-slip tabs for easy blade removal
  • Has a comfort grip handle for maximum control
  • It is designed with sharp stainless steel blades
  • The knife is easy to clean
  • It has a safety lock button

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the knife come with one or two blades?

  • I bought the knife sometimes back. I received mine with two blades. It is an incredible knife that I would recommend.

Q: I’m looking forward to a knife that I can use carve turkey. Can I depend on this one?

  • Absolutely. Get this knife and you will love its performance when you are carving turkey. It is a great deal.

Q:How does the knife perform when cutting watermelon?

Final Words

Preparing dinner and other types of meal require a perfect electric knife that will make your operations simple. The Black & Decker Slice Right Electric Knife is a perfect choice when you want to carve ham, turkey, roast, duck and any other type of meat.

The knife is designed to provide you with deep and smooth cuts all the times while using very little effort. This knife is packed with amazing features that make it easy to use. The next time you have friends over for a special occasion, it is wise if you get this knife and you will have the best time when you are preparing meals.

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