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Best Ulu Knife – Top Rated Alaskan Knives That Make The Cut

If you’re looking for a cutting tool that can do practically everything, then the ulu knife is a great option. It’s traditionally used by Alaskan people to do anything from preparing meals to skinning wild game.

But with all the options available, buying an all-purpose blade for the first time can leave you confused. In this guide, we’ll help you find the best ulu knife on the market.

  1. Best Overall: Ulu Factory With Bowl Set and Birch Handle
  2. Best Value: Alaska Ulu Knife With Chopping Board and Bowl Set
  3. Premium Collection: Gil Hibben Legacy Ulu Knife
  4. Most Durable: Lamson Ulu Knife With Walnut Handle
  5. Customer’s Choice: Alaskan Ulu – Legendary Knife of the Arctic

Top 8 Best Ulu Knives to Buy in 2021

1. Alaskan Ulu, Knife of The Arctic

Legendary Alaskan Ulu Knife of the Arctic
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The first product on our list is the Legendary Knife of the Arctic, an elegant blade that’s proudly made in Alaska. It’s the best-selling item from The ULU Factory, a company that’s been making similar goods for more than 25 years.

What makes this cutting tool special? Being a rocker knife, you can just tip it back and forth to dice anything within seconds –⁠ meaning there’s no need to move the product up and down, as you would with flat blades.

It also comes with a large handle, so you’ll have no trouble using it for any kitchen chore. Chopping and slicing become easy as pie, whether you’re a professional chef or a casual foodie. Even people who can only use one hand are able to cut with precision using this rocker knife!

Another standout quality of this product is its longevity. With regular use, expect it to hold up for about a decade. The blade is also easy to clean, so maintenance is kept at a minimum. Keep in mind, though, that the ulu knife’s wooden handle may not hold up as long, so be careful when gripping it.

Not only is this product effective and easy to use, the product’s design makes it very safe since the blade stays far away from the user’s fingers. If you like preparing large batches of food ahead of time, consider this as your best friend.

Key Features:

  • This product has a sharp, stainless steel blade that can cut even through leather.
  • It comes with a walnut stand, making the knife an attractive countertop decoration.
  • The knife measures 8.27 x 5.98 x 0.94 inches, so it might be too small if you have large hands.
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2. Alaska Ulu Knife Set

USA Made Alaska Ulu Curved Knife Set with Wood Handle plus Chopping Board and Bowl-easy to use Rocker Tool
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Just when we thought that food prep can’t get any easier, then comes this ulu knife set with a chopping board. It includes a cutting block that lets you mince ingredients without worrying about any pieces falling off the floor.

The wooden cutting bowl is also good for preventing meat juices from making a mess. If you prefer a flat surface, just flip it over and it becomes a versatile cutting board.

One of this ulu knife’s strongest qualities is its stainless steel blade. It’s sharp enough to cut through anything from onions to walnuts. Even if you have no food processor, you won’t have trouble chopping a huge amount of ingredients.

The stainless steel blade is also quite easy to hone using a diamond stone. Make sure to sharpen only the side with bevel.

Like the Knife of the Arctic, this set also comes with a wooden knife stand. Instead of storing the ulu in the drawers, you can simply place it where you can grab it for everyday use. Note that this product comes with a small handle and blade. If you have large hands, expect to have a tricky time handling it.

Key Features:

  • This mezzaluna knife has a fine blade that measures 6 inches.
  • The beautiful cutting board is made from two types of wood: birch and walnut. This creates a unique two-tone design with contrasting shades.
  • This knife set comes in a gorgeous gift box.
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3. ULU Factory Ulu Bowl Set Birch Handle AK Cutlery

Ulu Bowl set Birch Handle
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If you’re more interested in heavy-duty cutting, then this Ulu Knife and Cutting Bowl Set should be one of your first options. It has a wooden handle that’s noticeably larger than other products from the same manufacturer. It’s the better choice if you find that similar products are too small for you to grip comfortably.

Just like the Alaskan Ulu Knife set we mentioned earlier, this product comes with a two-tone birch and walnut cutting bowl. Simply place any ingredient on the bowl and you can dice it up without worrying about a piece flying out of place.

One thing to note, though: you have to be careful when using the cutting board. The chopping block can split if not handled with care.

The same goes for the pine handle. Be careful while handling it as it can crack if you grip too tightly. On the plus side, the blade holds up great and stays sharp for years.

Key Features:

  • This sharp knife measures 7.99 x 7.91 x 1.5 inches.
  • The half-moon stainless steel blade stays sharp even after more than a year of constant use
  • The wooden handle is engraved with the Alaska Cutlery logo.

4. Alaska Ulu Knife Natural Exotic Wood Stand Etched Blade

Alaska Ulu Knife with Natural Exotic Wood Stand Etched Blade

This little cutting tool from Arctic Circle is an excellent option for those who want their tool to be both useful and aesthetically pleasing. Its wooden handle and knife stand come in eye-catching natural earth tone and red colors, turning the entire set into a stunning decoration when not in use.

But, the attractive color combination isn’t the only thing this knife has got going for it; the razor-sharp stainless steel blade will impress you, too! It does its job very well, whether you’re chopping meat or mincing veggies.

For its exceptional quality and appearance, you’ll be surprised that this item is among the least expensive ulu knives available on the market. It’s an affordable option for those who want to experience the difference this type of cutting tool offers. You may also want to note that while the product is advertised as native Alaskan, it is actually imported from China.

Key Features:

  • Rust-proof and stain-resistant, this ulu knife is perfect for long-term use.
  • The 440-grade steel blade is easy to clean and sharpen.
  • The matching exotic designs of the handle and knife stand add color to any kitchen.

5. Gil Hibben Legacy Ulu Knife and Leather Sheath

Gil Hibben Legacy Ulu blade with Leather Sheath

If you are a Gil Hibben knife enthusiast, then you might want to add this one to your collection. The famed master custom blade maker re-imagined the traditional Alaskan ulu to enhance its functionality and appearance.

There’s more to this modern ulu knife than being a display piece. Built for high performance and durability, this cutting tool has a wide and hefty blade that is finely sharpened for any slicing or chopping task.

This product also has a unique and functional handle designed for ease and efficiency. It’s a great ulu knife with a sheath that you can use whether in your kitchen or in the great outdoors.

Key Features:

  • The mirror-polished finish of its 6.5-inch 5Cr15 stainless steel blade gives this ulu knife a sleek and elegant quality.
  • The innovative design of the black pakkawood handle and finger hole allows for a secure grip, regardless of the size of your hand.
  • The black leather belt sheath stands out with its embossed Hibben logo. It’s made with a snap closure to keep the knife secured while you’re hunting outdoors.

6. LAMSON 34270 Ulu Knife

6.25 Inches LAMSON 34270 Ulu Knife with Walnut Handle

One of the oldest manufacturers of cutlery in the United States, Lamson has been producing the finest kitchen tools with the highest standard of craftsmanship. They design and craft products that are known for their performance and quality. With its well-crafted handle and keenly sharpened blade, this ulu knife is no exception.

This Alaskan ulu is an efficient tool for cutting and dicing meat, vegetables, fish, and seafood. It’s also really handy for slicing cheese and pizza. But, the best thing about this tool is how perfectly it fits in your hand – it really feels like an extension of your body.

Key Features:

  • The blade is made from easy-to-sharpen, hardened, and tempered high-carbon 420HC grade stainless steel.
  • The hard and durable walnut knife handle is secured with brass rivets for balance and weight.
  • For a comfortable grip, the handle has a mineral oil finish and an opening that is about 5 ½ – 5 ¾ inches.

7. Alaska Ulu Knife and Chopping Bowl Set

Alaskan Women Knife and Chopping Bowl Set

This is the best gift set for those who love to slice, dice, and mince in the kitchen. Made by Arctic Circle, it includes an ulu and an 8″ x 8.25″ cutting block that doubles as a knife stand.

The 6-inches inset bowl makes chopping herbs and veggies more convenient. It is concave enough to fit the edge of the blade along with the chopped food. If you love preparing small meals or late-night snacks, you can also use this cutting block as a serving tray.

As with most ulu knives, its stainless steel blade doesn’t stain easily. But be sure to wipe it dry after use to avoid rusting. You can use this cutting tool for years. All you need to do is hone the blade once it gets blunt.

The price point might be a bit high for some people, but the complete knife set is worth every penny. It is the best gift you can give to friends or relatives who love spending time preparing food in the kitchen.

Key Features

  • The whole ulu knife set is compact and not as heavy as it looks.
  • The light wood color and distinctive red lines add to the board’s pleasing aesthetics.
  • The large wooden ulu knife handle allows for an easy, no-slip grip.

8. Inupiat Alaskan Cutlery Ulu Knife Exotic Colored Wood w/Etched Map

Inupiat Alaskan Cutlery Knife Exotic Colored Wood with Etched Map

Crafted in the knife-making style of the Inupiat tribe of northern Alaska, this cutting tool is designed and honed for enhanced efficiency. The high-quality sturdy, razor-sharp blade and easy-to-grip wooden handle will help you cut and dice anything fast and easy.

This ulu knife is also reasonably priced, considering its quality and finish. One important thing of note, though. The blade may get dull after several uses; although you can easily sharpen it again with a trusty honer.

Also, the knife handle isn’t varnished. It’s a good idea to apply a butcher conditioner on the wooden surface to maintain the coating and prevent it from drying or cracking.

Key Features:

  • This knife has a large handle and opening that make cutting and slicing chores easy for users with bigger hands.
  • The ulu knife box features the ulu’s short history, in addition to usage and care instructions.
  • The exotic colors of the handle and knife stand add to the tribal feel of the ulu.

Final Thoughts

The ulu knife is the perfect kitchen tool for any cutting chores. But with all the available brands out there, it can be quite challenging to choose the best ulu that will suit your cutlery requirements.

For our money, the Alaskan Ulu, Knife Of The Arctic is the top option; it’s priced extremely affordably for a premium product. We also recommend the Alaska Ulu Knife Set; the highly efficient blade and cutting bowl are huge upsides, and we consider it our second-best pick.

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