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Best Boot Knife – Which Knives Are Ideal For Concealed Carry?

Boot knives are some of the most useful tools for personal protection. They’re easy to conceal but can be easily drawn, making them perfect for self-defense. They’re also convenient to carry when you’re outdoors.

Still, not all of these products are made equal. Some are too large and bulky to store comfortably inside one’s shoe, while others are too small to be useful.

If you’re looking for the best boot knife out there, check out this review. Whether you’re a hunter, survivalist, or law enforcer, you’ll find something that suits your needs.

Top 10 Best Boot Knives of 2021

1. Smith & Wesson SWHRT9B 9-Inch High Carbon S.S. Knife

Smith & Wesson SWHRT9B 9in High Carbon S.S. Hideaway Knife
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If you’re looking for an affordable boot knife that can also be used as a survival tool or everyday carry, this is one of your best options. Sharp, lightweight, and easy to handle, this product can help you in intense situations or simple cutting tasks.

The knife comes with hardened 7Cr17MoV high-carbon stainless steel that can withstand daily use. With a double-edged spear point design, it’s a reliable self-defense weapon that won’t let you down in an emergency. The full tang construction also adds to its balance, strength, and durability.

Boasting an overall length of 9 inches (and a blade length of 4.7 inches), it’s not the easiest product to hide. It’s also a little heavy, weighing 7.7 ounces. However, if you’re fine with wearing high-cut boots that can easily conceal this weapon, then this is a great choice.

One of the reasons it tops our list of the best boot knives is the rubber-wrapped handle. It has deep straight grooves to ensure a non-slip grip. It allows you to wield the knife safely and efficiently even with wet or slippery hands.

Another reason we love this product is its appearance. Its sleek jet black color and silver edges make it an attractive piece to add to your collection.

For a cheap boot knife, this one looks classy and is very versatile. The only thing that isn’t great about it is that its length is not legal in certain areas. So, be sure to check your state’s knife regulations to avoid getting in trouble with the law.

Key Features:

  • The handle’s over-sized handguard provides added slip resistance.
  • The lanyard hole at the end of the handle lets you tether the knife to your wrist.
  • This Smith & Wesson knife comes with a high-quality, easy-access leather boot sheath, which can also be clipped to the side of a belt.

2. ESEE Knives Izula-II

ESEE Izula-II Knife with Micarta Handle, and Molded Sheath
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Designed to be more than just a concealed carry weapon, this boot knife is also considered to be the perfect all-around survival tool. At only 6.75 inches (with a blade length of 2.63 inches), it’s small enough that you can easily attach it to a boot.

The knife comes with a drop point blade that’s useful for any outdoor activity, from cleaning a fish to fashioning tent peg. Even after hours of use, the high-carbon 1095 steel can hold its razor-sharp edge. When it gets dull, you can easily sharpen with a whetstone.

Remember to keep the blade lubricated and cleaned, especially on the edge and around the areas with laser engraving. While the carbon steel is finished with a powder coating, it’s still susceptible to rust and stain, if not properly maintained.

Normally, knives of this size are equipped with small handles. But this one is fitted with a longer one that’s perfect enough to let you get a full grip on. The textured Micarta canvas scales also improve its slip resistance, allowing you to handle the blade safely even when wet.

Some users note that the blade’s sheath is rough and bulky, even though the knife snaps securely in place. Its metal clip is also prone to rust.

Overall, we consider this one of the best boot knives for its easy-to-grip handle, sharp high-carbon steel blade, and ideal length. Keep this versatile product with you each time you go camping or hunting.

Key Features:

  • This boot knife comes with a belt clip attachment with strong spring tension.
  • The molded plastic sheath is lightweight, slim, easy-to-clean.
  • The reversible clip allows for left and right tip-up or tip-down carry

3. KA-BAR TDI Law Enforcement Knife

KA-BAR Law Enforcement Knife
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This self-defense knife is an ideal weapon to have in situations where the suspect thinks they have you cornered and attempts to grab your firearm.

Ideal for police officers or for military personnel, it’s designed for close-quarter fights where gun use is out of the question. Its blade length measures only about 2 and a half inches, bringing the overall length to 5 5/8 inches.

With a sturdiness of 57-59 HRC, the AUS 8A stainless steel can hold its edge very well. Aside from self-defense, the knife is sharp enough for everyday use like cutting boxes or opening packages.

This knife is fitted with a black Zytel handle. Many people think that this thermoplastic material is flimsy and hollow. It may look cheap but it’s actually durable and scratch-resistant.

Note that the product comes with a nylon sheath and a belt clip. The knife clicks when kept, giving you peace of mind knowing that it’s locked securely in place.

This fixed blade military knife is easy to conceal. The blade and handle are angled in a way that makes it comfortable to sit without the handle poking at you.

Key Features:

  • The handle has a cut-out design where you can rest your index finger for easier grip.
  • This knife comes with a Kydex form molded sheath with a sturdy belt clip.
  • The clip is reversible so you can orient the knife vertically or horizontally.

4. Buck Knives 0616BKS OPS BOOT Tactical Knife

 0616BKS Buck Tactical Knife with Versatile Sheath

Designed for demanding situations, this high-performance, full-tang knife can withstand heavy use and abuse. Its sharply angled tanto blade is made of 154CM stainless steel, giving it exceptional edge-retention and corrosion-resistant properties. It’s also sharp enough for cutting, slashing, and piercing tough materials.

Measuring 6.25 inches (with a blade length of 3 inches), it’s the perfect everyday carry weapon. The product also weighs only 2.5 ounces, making it lighter compared to most boot knives out there, including the Smith & Wesson SWHRT9B and ESEE Knives Izula-II.

The textured handle is made of G10, a thermoset plastic laminate material designed for enhanced durability and water resistance. This allows you to wield the knife securely and comfortably.

The black polypropylene/leather sheath is versatile; you can carry it on your boot, around your neck, or on your belt either horizontally or vertically. It also comes with a Velcro strap and an extension so you can strap it around your ankle, calf, or anywhere else you might want to wear it.

Overall, this is one of the best boot knives due to its super-light construction and impressive durability. Its sheath is also a favorite among users.

Key Features:

  • This USA-made product comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • The metal clip is reversible, so you can carry the knife with its tip facing up or down.
  • The handle features a contoured grip with a finger groove to ensure a safe grip.

5. SOG Instinct Mini Fixed Blade Knife (NB1012-CP)

Anatomy of SOG Small Full Tang Belt Blade with Tactical Knife Sheath and Neck Chain

Compared to other boot knives, this one is not primarily designed to be a weapon. The blade is sharp and corrosion-resistant, but since it measures only 1.9 inches long, it works better as a compact everyday carry or backup cutting tool.

With an overall length of 4.8 inches, you can easily attach it to your boot and forget about it. The small size and lightweight design make it easy and convenient to conceal. Note, however, that if you have larger hands you might have trouble holding this mini knife.

It also offers multiple carry options. You may choose to wear the hard-molded nylon sheath your neck, attach it to your belt, or clip to the handle of your bag. Just be sure the blade is kept securely in place since some users note that it can slip off if not carefully sheathed.

As with other SOG boot knives, this product is built to last. However, it requires regular cleaning, lubrication, and sharpening to maintain its optimal condition. You might also need to hone it as soon as you receive it if you want a stronger edge.

Key Features:

  • The full tang construction makes this knife solid and durable for its size.
  • The blade has a clip point that gives it a good belly, which allows for quick and deep cuts.
  • The high-quality G10 handle comes with finger grooves and notches for better grip and blade control.

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6. Kershaw Secret Agent (4007) Concealable Boot Knife

Kershaw Secret Agent 4007 Concealable Knife

This all-black boot knife is great for tactical and self-defense purposes. It features high-carbon 8Cr13MoV stainless steel that went through a heat treatment process to ensure excellent performance and durability.

With a blade length of 4.4 inches and weighing 3 ounces, this knife is small yet adequate enough for heavy-duty cutting chores. Its blade has a non-reflective black-oxide finish that provides extra strength and protection.

To ensure a safe and comfortable grip, the handle is made of glass-filled nylon with a rubber over-mold. It also has a wide middle area and textured surface to further prevent slippage.

Key Features:

  • The dual-carry molded sheath comes with a clip that can be attached to your belt. It also has slots for leg carry straps.
  • With its full tang construction, this knife delivers the right balance of performance and durability.
  • The handle features a lanyard hole for an additional carrying option.

7. Gerber Ghoststrike Fixed Blade Knife Deluxe Kit

Gerber Ghoststrike Deluxe Kit with Ankle Wrap

When it comes to high-quality, discreet, and ultra-light self-defense weapons, this Gerber knife definitely makes the cut. Primarily designed for concealed carry, it features 420HC stainless steel with a ceramic coating that minimizes reflection. It’s also equipped with a rubberized grip to make the handle slip-resistant.

Best for cowboy boots and low-cut shoes, this knife comes with an ankle-mounted sheath that you can wear vertically or horizontally. With an overall length of 6.9 inches and a blade measurement of 3.3 inches, it’s comfortable to carry regardless of which option you choose.

Key Features:

  • The sheath can be clipped on the belt for easy access.
  • The rubberized over-mold handle is textured to ensure a no-slip grip.
  • The black ceramic coating prevents the blade from rust and corrosion.

8. CRKT Sting Fixed Blade Knife With Sheath

CRKT Sting Everyday Carry Boot Knife

If you’re looking for an extra tough double-edged tactical knife, this product is for you. Forged full tang, this piece is as balanced and sturdy as it gets. Its blade features a non-reflective powder coat finish that resists corrosion, even if it comes in contact with saltwater. Just remember to keep it clean and oiled afterward. Find some high-quality oil for folding knives here.

At 6.85 inches long (with a blade length of 3.2 inches), this is one of the bigger and heavier boot knives out there. It’s not the type of blade you can attach to your footwear and forget about because of its bulky size, but it will truly come in handy if you need a larger sharp object for outdoor activities or self-defense.

The knife’s sheath comes with a Velcro strap that you can attach to your boot, calf, or belt. The blade attaches securely to the casing, so you never have to worry about it rattling.

Key Features

  • This knife comes with a double-edged 1050 carbon steel blade that can easily be sharpened.
  • The contours on the handle provide users with a secure grip, though its smooth texture will require extra caution.
  • This product is patterned after the classic AG Russell Sting.

9. Cold Steel Peace Maker Tactical Knife With Sheath

Cold Steel Peace Maker Tactical Knife with Sheath

This is a solid, full-tang knife that comes razor sharp right off the box. The German stainless steel blade comes with such a pointy edge that you can even use it to shave hair.

This knife measures 8.5 inches in length and 5 ounces in weight. Given its size, it’s not the easiest blade to conceal. Pick this only if you like wearing high-cut boots that go up to your calves or right below the knees.

The sheath comes with a metal clip so you can attach the knife to your footwear or belt, though some users note that it’s too stiff. Some people also note that the casing isn’t the best at keeping the knife in place.

Overall, this is an affordable knife that holds an edge well and does its job. If its size doesn’t turn you off, it’s a good option to try if you’re looking for a utilitarian blade for hunting, fishing, or self-defense.

Key Features:

  • The Peace Maker has a classic drop point blade.
  • This knife comes with an ergonomic rubber grip that makes it very easy to use.
  • The blade is 3 mm thick, keeping the product lightweight yet strong.

10. Old Timer 162OT Boot Knife

Old Timer 162OT Boot Knife

Old Timer knives get their name from the fact that their blades are built to last. Take this solid, full-tang dagger with you if you regularly go out hunting or camping. It’s durable and lightweight, making it a good EDC tool.

The high-carbon stainless steel blade comes out with a sharp edge right off the box, but it could use a little honing if you want something that could cut through anything like butter. Note that this product is actually better for lefties since the handle and the logo will end up facing your hip instead of facing outward if you store it at the right side of your body.

Like the Cold Steel Peace Maker, this is one of the larger boot knives in this list, measuring 7.8 inches long. If you’re not a fan of high-cut footwear, it might not be the easiest product for you to conceal. The leather sheath also doesn’t come with a boot clip, just belt slots, so we’d expect you’ll need to buy a different case for this.

Key Features:

  • This is a sharp, all-purpose knife that may surprise you with its quality given its affordable price.
  • The product comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • The handle scales are made of Delrin plastic.

Final Thoughts

Keeping a blade in your footwear can save your life. If you’re highly concerned about personal protection, we recommend you get the Smith & Wesson SWHRT9B 9-Inch High Carbon S.S. Fixed Blade Knife. It’s a sharp and reliable dagger that won’t let you down in tough situations.

If you’re looking for something smaller, the ESEE Knives Izula-II Fixed Knife is also a good choice. This blade offers impressive control and can be easily concealed inside a boot.

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