How to Close Tac Force Knife

TAC Force knives are beautiful tools that deliver great functionality. They’re comfortable to hold, the blades are sharp, and the locks open smoothly. However, folding the blade is such a struggle! What are the steps to learn how to close the TAC Force knife properly? Here’s what you do.

Close the TAC Force knife by pushing the locking mechanism in the hinged section to the left side, back to its original position. Use your index finger to lower the blade, and adjust your grip to close the blade using your thumb. The locking mechanism can be either a spring or an extended piece of metal from the handle itself.

In case you’re wondering, yes, there’s an actual reason why these knives are hard to close. I’ll explain that and much more about the different locking systems, so continue reading to find out!

Why are Tac Force Knives Difficult to Close?

A TAC Force assisted opening folding knife is difficult to close because of the spring mechanism, which holds the blade fully opened after unfolding it. Once you open it, the spring flips up immediately behind the knife’s hinged section to guarantee the blade of the foldable knife remains in a stable position.

As a result of that mechanism, there are no risks of the TAC Force knife not opening. You can use the knife safely without the blade folding back into the handle regularly.

How Do You Close Tac Force Pocket Knife?

Grab the handle of the knife with your hand. Place your index finger on the spine of the blade, and use your thumb to move the spring or milled-out piece of the handle that is keeping the blade in place. Then, use your index finger to slightly pull the blade downwards. Finish by using your thumb to close it.

Tip: Be careful! If you’re not an experienced knife user, practice using both hands first. Folding the blade with your index finger may cause the sharp edge of the blade to hit your thumb if you don’t do it properly. Whether you use one or two hands, all you have to do is reposition the spring in the hinged part of the knife.

Keep in mind that there are different TAC Force knife models, and some of them have different locking systems. The following are the most popular, and this is how you deal with them.

Liner Lock – Also Known as Walker Lock

TAC Force knives with liner locks are the most frequent, and they come with a metal spring bar located in the handle’s elongated part. This spring bar keeps the blade upwards, unable to return to the closed position.

You can operate this type of lock using one hand, but be careful to prevent cutting yourself while closing the knife.

Back Lock

This type of lock uses a spring running in the knife’s spine instead of the inner side of the handle. While opening, this spring falls in place behind the blade’s hinged part.

The downside is that you have to keep this type of lock clean regularly. Otherwise, the spring and the blade won’t come together properly. This issue can lead to the locking of the TAC Force knife not working as intended.

To close a back lock knife, press the cut-out with your thumb to release the finger. Push the blade in with your index finger, and finish closing it with your thumb.

Frame Lock

The frame lock is similar to the liner lock. However, this mechanism uses a milled-out part of the handle instead of a spring bar to lock the folding blade. This system makes the frame lock knives stronger, and more reliable than the often thin spring implemented in other knives.

To close the frame lock, follow the same process as the liner lock.

Why are Tac Force Knives so Hyped?

TAC Force knives are excellent entry-level tools for people that want to get more experience in the field. The cost of these knives is low, which means you don’t have to invest a lot in them.

The stainless steel or carbon steel blades hold a decent edge that makes the knives suitable for outdoor activities like camping. Plus, you can get one or several to practice your sharpening skills and cutting techniques.

Another major reason why people hype these knives is because of how they look. They come with engravings on the blades that make up for a classic and stylish knife.

Tac Force Knife Types

TAC Force knives come in different styles, including fixed blades, folding, Framelock, and Linerlock. Here’s what you need to know about them.

  • Fixed Blade Knives: This series of knives from Tac Force is strong and versatile, making them ideal for outdoor activities such as hunting, camping, or fishing. The quality of these tactical knives is top-notch, featuring stainless steel that creates long-lasting straight or serrated blades. Plus, they come with a pocket clip for easy and safe carry.
  • Folding Pocket Knives: The Tac Force folding pocket knives satisfy the demands of professionals. They come with the frame lock and the liner lock systems that guarantee the efficient usage of each knife. As a result, these tools can survive high compression, and their unique design makes them separates them from the rest.
  • Framelock Pocket Knives: These knives feature high-carbon stainless steel material for greater strength. The opening system has a spring that comes up smoothly, meaning the knives are hassle-free under any circumstance. Besides being strong, the Framelock knives are sharp and come with an extended tang for more control.
  • Linerlock Pocket Knives: These knives come in different shapes and models under the Cobra Knife Series, Dragon Knives, and Firefighter Knives. All of those series of knives and more belong to the Linerlock brand. The quality of these knives is optimal, as they have a solid construction made with the finest grade materials.

Are TAC Force Knives Legal in Canada?

Spring-assisted TAC Force knives are legal in Canada. The Canadian law forbids citizens from carrying a knife with a blade that opens automatically, whether it is via centrifugal force, gravity, spring, button, or other mechanisms found in the handle.

To open a spring-assisted knife, you have to touch the blade and let the spring do the rest. This mechanism complies with the law and makes the TAC Force legal.

Are Tac Force Knives Good?

For the price, TAC Force knives are good and can get you out of trouble quickly. Still, if you want to make the most out of your money, it’d be better to save up a little more and go for a higher-quality tool. TAC Force knives have a lock system that is not easy to fix, and the blade geometry isn’t efficient.

A TAC Force knife may look nice, and the price makes this tactical knife among the best deals you can get. However, most reviews by users would agree that there are better options for just a few bucks more.

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Who Makes Tac Force knives?

Master Cutlery makes TAC Force knives. Created in 1982, this company designs and creates a variety of tools and products for outdoor and indoor tasks. The knives built by this manufacturer can withstand high compression, making them good for trekking, hunting, or camping, among other things.


And that’s it! That’s the simple yet not so obvious answer on how to close tac force knife models without losing your mind. It takes a bit of practice, so don’t give up and start by using both hands first. Over time, you’ll master how to unfold and fold the TAC Force knife like a true professional.

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