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Best Shrimp Deveiner and Cleaner

To prepare shrimp for cooking, it’s important to devein them. Cooking them with the veins left in usually leads to a sour taste and a gritty texture.

However, deveining is hard work, and doing it yourself with a paring knife takes a lot of time. So, how do you do it quickly? You use a shrimp deveiner!

Generally, they come in two types: Knives and scissors. With the knife, you can devein with one single stroke. Using the scissors, you can peel the shell off easily.

This tool will help you clean shrimp extremely quickly, saving you a lot of time and ensuring your seafood dishes are cooked with the cleanest prawns you can get. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the market and find the best shrimp deveiner on offer today!

Top 10 Shrimp Deveiners and Peelers of 2021

1. OXO Good Grips Shrimp Cleaner

oxo prawn deveiner
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This pick comes from OXO, a New York-based company with 30 years of experience in manufacturing ergonomic kitchen products for their customers.

This shrimp cleaner features a sturdy plastic frame with a pressure-absorbing rubber handle, alongside a ridged end for easy peel removal.

With its specialized blade to remove shrimp shells, it works great on both cooked and raw shrimp alike. But in our experience, it’s best used for peeling and deveining boiled prawns.

Thanks to its size, it works well to devein shrimp of all sizes, although it works best on larger shrimp.

How to use:

  • First, insert the tool’s tip into the end of the shrimp, ridged side up.
  • After making sure it’s all the way inside the shrimp, all you need to do is pull.
  • In one motion, you’ll split the shell and devein the shrimp.

However, you should pay attention when deveining shrimp with this tool, because it generally only removes about 70% of the vein. To clean the rest, you can rinse it or pluck it out by hand.

Due to its comfortable grip and low price point, the OXO Good Grips Shrimp Cleaner can be a budget option for your deveining needs!

Key Features

  • Its soft handle prevents your hand from slipping, even when wet.
  • This tool’s lightweight construction allows you to devein lots of shrimp without wasting too much energy.
  • 1% of OXO’s annual sales will be donated to environmental nonprofit organizations.
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2. Frogmore Shrimp Deveiner Tool With Butterfly Blade

frogmore prawn deveiner

This pick comes from Toadfish Outfitters, a company that specializes in making coastal lifestyle products such as fishing gear and kitchen tools for seafood preparation.

With a point blade constructed from stainless steel, this deveiner provides strength to make the shrimp deveining process as easy as it could be.

To fulfill your seafood preparation needs, this deveiner works on raw, boiled, and steamed shrimp alike. However, it is best used if you’re cleaning fresh prawns.

The size of this deveining tool also lends itself well to most shrimp sizes, although we recommend it best for larger prawns.

After use, cleaning is made very easy by either hand-washing or top-rack dishwasher.

How to use this tool:

  • First, you slide the shrimp deveiner below the shrimp’s shell.
  • Then you push it forward, pulling the shrimp towards you at the same time.
  • Now, the entire peel should be left on the tool while the shrimp will be in your hand already peeled, deveined, and butterflied.
  • To finish the process, all you need is to wash the shrimp.

With its high-quality construction and easy use, the Frogmore Shrimp Deveiner is one of the best choices if you’re looking to peel and butterfly shrimp!

Key Features

  • An ergonomic handle makes the deveining process much easier on your hands.
  • By buying this product you also help plant more oyster habitats, ensuring the shrimp population keeps flourishing.
  • All plastic parts on this tool are made from responsibly-sourced recycled materials.

3. Coastal Kitchen Collection by Toadfish Outfitters

toadfish outfitters

This entry into our list also comes from Toadfish Outfitters, the coastal lifestyle company that manufactures fishing items and other seafood preparation products.

This collection offers three of their best seafood prep tools in one box! It contains a Frogmore Shrimp Tool, a Crab Cutter, as well as a high-quality Oyster Knife in one package.

The deveiner features a stainless steel blade to provide strength and make the deveining process easier. Its construction also makes it best used to peel larger shrimp.

To make your food preparation easier, this Frogmore deveiner’s point blade butterflies the shrimp in addition to peeling it.

The Frogmore deveiner provides great performance with both raw and cooked shrimp, but it works best when cleaning fresh catches.

To take care of this shrimp deveiner, you can either hand wash it or put it in a dishwasher.

How to use this tool:

  • First, prepare the tool in one hand and the shrimp in your other.
  • Taking the tool, poke it just underneath the shrimp’s shell.
  • Pull the shrimp toward you.
  • Push the tool forward.
  • The shrimp’s shell will now be stuck on the tool.
  • Retrieve the peeled and deveined shrimp by sliding it out of the opened shell.

If you eat seafood often, the Toadfish Coastal Kitchen Collection offers shrimp prep solutions and so much more in one package!

Key Features

  • Packaged in a beautiful box for easy storage
  • Oyster knife is made out of rust-resistant Japanese steel, allowing it to pop open oysters easily.
  • Crab cutter has a spring-based design built for easy use.

4. SCI Cuisine Red Shrimp Deveiner

sci cuisine - red color

This shrimp deveiner comes from Scandicrafts Cuisine Internationale, a California-based company founded in 1956 specializing in quality gourmet kitchen items.

Key Features

  • It is dishwasher safe, so it’s much easier to clean.
  • The simple but sturdy construction will let this tool last years before you need to replace it.
  • This 12-inch long tool lends itself well to peeling medium to large shrimp.

Entirely made of plastic, this tool and features a very simple construction that does its job very well. While you can devein both raw and boiled shrimp with this product, we find that it performs best peeling uncooked prawns.

To get the maximum performance out of this deveiner, you need to learn how to use it properly. The main trick is to insert the plastic blade into the shrimp’s vein tract, make sure it goes all the way through the tail, and pull the shell off sideways instead of upward. This way, you’ll get perfect peels every time.

In the case that the tip breaks off, you can still work around it by shaving the remaining blade down so it retains its sharpness and purpose.

Don’t let its price fool you, the SCI Cuisine Red Shrimp Deveiner is a simple, reliable tool that will help you fulfill your shrimp deveining needs for a long time!

5. Lamson Shrimp Walnut Deveiner


This shrimp deveiner is sold by Massachusetts-based Lamson & Goodnow, a company with almost 200 years of experience in manufacturing cutlery. They offer knives as well as other kitchen products boasting professional quality for expert chefs and home cooks alike.

Key Features

  • Durable riveted walnut handle with a beautiful finish.
  • Lamson & Goodnow provides a lifetime guarantee for replacements due to manufacturer defects.
  • This tool has a cutting edge on both sides so you can cut the shrimp’s back and shell simultaneously.

Boasting a tempered high-carbon steel blade for strength, the 3-inch cutting edge of this tool follows the contours of a shrimp’s body perfectly and the teeth at the end can grab onto the vein for easy deveining.

To properly clean up a shrimp with this tool, you simply push the blade through to remove the shell and pull up. If you need it butterflied, all you need to do is flip the deveiner over.

Its short blade allows it to peel and devein small shrimp easily, although it still performs well on larger prawns. Despite its size, this tool can still perfectly fit big hands.

This product is a perfect choice if you cook often since it performs best when used to clean and devein boiled shrimp.

Due to the wooden handle on this shrimp deveiner, we recommend that you wash it by hand. To prevent the wood from drying out, you should also treat it with mineral oil every so often.

Simple but effective, Lamson & Goodnow’s Shrimp Deveiner (made in the USA) is an excellent addition to your kitchen if you need help peeling and deveining shrimp.

6. Norpro Shrimp/Prawn Deveiner

scissor type shrimp cleaner

This entry into our picks is sold by Washington-based Norpro, a company with over 40 years of experience in manufacturing quality kitchen products at an affordable price.

Key Features

  • Its scissor-like construction also makes this product a good tool to cut crab legs and lobster tails.
  • Stainless steel blade for strength and durability.
  • This product boasts a very low price tag for its performance.

To use this scissor-shaped shrimp peeler, you need to slide the cutting edge under the prawn’s shell and push it through so you can remove the vein. All that’s left to do is make the cut so you can completely peel it.

Its construction makes it great for both raw and cooked shrimp, but it’s best used if you prefer to remove shells after cooking.

Due to its simple use and its length, you’ll find that this tool can help you go through lots of large shrimp easily. However, it does take a little extra effort compared to the one-stroke deveining offered by the Frogmore Shrimp Deveiner.

With the deveining performance and simplicity this product offers, the Norpro Shrimp/Prawn Deveiner is a good option if you need to clean lots of shrimp really fast!

7. Challenge Shrimp Cleaner

challenge prawn cleaner tool

This item comes from Challenge Plastic Products, an Indiana-based company that specializes in plastic design and assembly. This manufacturer with almost 30 years of experience also provides a line of fishing tools and accessories.

Key Features

  • This product boasts a very low price tag.
  • Simple, sturdy plastic construction without any moving parts.
  • At only 0.71 ounces, this tool is very lightweight.

Like most deveiners, you need to slide this product’s blade into the shrimp’s shell and punch through the other side before pushing up to remove it. If there’s any vein left, you can take it out by hand or rinse it out.

In our experience, it’s best used for uncooked shrimp, and its length works best with medium or large ones. However, if you use this product often, you might find that it doesn’t handle as comfortably as the OXO Good Grips Shrimp Cleaner.

If you need an affordable deveiner that does exactly what it’s meant to do, the Challenge Shrimp Cleaner could be the right choice!


Cleaning shrimp is a lot of work and will take up a lot of time if you do it by hand. When looking for shrimp peelers, the most important factors are speed, ease of use, and efficiency.

Thanks to its innovative construction coupled with its simple and easy single-stroke approach to peeling shrimp, the Frogmore Shrimp Deveiner is the essential shrimp-cleaning tool and our top pick.

If you want to remove shrimp peel on the cheap, the features offered by the OXO Good Grips Shrimp Cleaner, in addition to its comfortable slip-proof handle, makes it the perfect budget pick.

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