What Does Assisted Opening Knife Mean?

What is an assisted-opening knife? It’s a type of folding knife that has some sort of a spring that releases the blade once you’ve partially opened it. When the blade is in the closed position, it’s held in place using a spring mechanism that makes it quite safe to use.

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Understanding the various versions of assisted-opening knives will help you pick the right one. Keep on reading to learn more about these knives.

How Does an Assisted Opening Knife Work?

Assisted-opening knives are also known as spring assist knives. There’s an internal mechanism that helps unfold the blade when the user partially opens it.

Nothing is blocking the blade, so you can easily open it, while the spring will do the rest of the job. You still need the help of a thumb stud or a rear lever connected to the blade to open a little part of the blade before the assisted mechanism is switched on.

Types of Assisted-Opening knives

There are several types of assisted-opening knives, so you can easily find the most suitable model.

1. Thumb Hole Knives

A thumbhole or Karambit knife is an excellent tool for self-defense. It usually has a curved blade and a finger hole for close combat situations. You simply insert your finger in the hole to flip the blade open. Spyderco knives also offer round thumb hole to open the blade easily with a single hand, check out our review blog on the best Spyderco knives.

2. Butterfly Knives

A butterfly knife is also known as a fan knife or a Batangas knife and originally comes from the Philippines. This knife has two handles that counter-rotate around the tang, and when they’re closed, the blade will be concealed. This knife is illegal in some countries, so you need to check the laws before buying one.

3. Flipper Knives

A flipper knife is excellent for one-hand use as it features a tab that protrudes from the blade. Once this tab is pressed using the index finger, the assisted-opening mechanism operates, bringing the whole blade outside.

4. Gravity Knives

In the gravity knife, the blade is concealed inside the handle and is later opened by the power of gravity. This knife was widely used in World War II as it allows for one-handed operation. In some cases, the blade will have a locking mechanism that keeps the blade in place after it has been opened.

5. Thumb Stud Knives

A thumb stud knife opens when you apply pressure to the stud to open the blade. You can flip the blade open slowly or quickly until it locks in position

What is the Difference Between a Switchblade and an Assisted-Opening Knife?

A switchblade or an automatic knife features a blade that opens with the help of a spring that pulls the blade out of the grip. The blade pivots out of the side of the handle or slides directly forward when a button is pressed, without being partially opened by the user.

When the knife is closed, the spring puts tension to keep the blade in position. These knives are best to use with gloved hands.

Wrapping up!

There are several types of assisted-opening knives on the market. These knives are suitable for close combat situations and other purposes because they’re easy to deploy using one hand-operation. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post them in the comments.

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