Best Hiking Knife

Going for a hike? Planned everything, checked your list but got stuck in perhaps the most crucial gear for a trip.

Knives! Small but very efficient. I’m not crazy enough to say that there are only a couple of best hiking knives out there because it’s a huge industry. There are a wide variety of knives, and each blade has its own purpose.

Best for hiking, backpacking or survival, if you’re gonna ask a hundred people you’re going to get hundred different answers. That’s the truth. There is no one knife.

Best Skinning Knife

Processing meat after a kill gets better when you have the best skinning knife at your disposal. That’s the only purpose of getting one of them in the first place.

Every hunter knows the importance of field dressing the meat quickly in order to preserve and keep the taste. A Skinner knife can also be a great utility tool for survival, camping and also for fishing.

The only purpose of this knife is to separate the hide from the flesh. For medium to a big game animal, you can get the job done in less than 12 strokes.

Best Bowie Knife

Big blades, full tang, and wooden handle. These are what make the best bowie knife. This Spanish-inspired knife was custom made for the fabled knife fighter Jim Bowie.

It’s been more than more than a decade, and these knives are still as popular as ever. What makes these big blades so great?

Effectiveness! Great for survival, great for camping, great for hunting, you name it. It’s easy to do the chores of smaller knives with a big one, but not the other way around.

There are a bunch of reasons why you would want to pick up and own one.

Best Electric Fillet Knife

Spend less time cleaning and more time fishing. With the best electric fillet knife at your disposal, you’ll be making short work of cleaning and prepping fillets.

When you start using electric fillet knives, you will feel the difference outrightly. It takes only minutes to separate the skin from the meat and cutting the rib. With the old traditional fillet knife, it’ll take almost an hour to do so.

Best Electric Fillet Knife

Doing the cleaning with a regular knife is very time-consuming. You’ll lose focus. It puts more strain in your wrist; you start filleting not to do it optimally but to get things done.

Best Knife For Cutting Meat

Cooking is an art too; at least I love to think so.

As a professional cook, you’ll agree with me that a knife is a basic tool. Unlike many people who use a single knife to cut across many kitchen tasks, chefs love to have a collection of those. And, this is the reason why they tend to invest in great knives.

Among the many different types, The Cook’s and Chef’s knife has the most usage in the kitchens. Also, the list includes the best carving knife AKA beef slicer AKA the best slicing knife!

Best Foldable Knife

Honestly speaking, I do not know what I could do without a pocket knife. Imagine the cool adventures of slicing and eating fruits or having it as a source of security, just in case of anything.

Imagine the times you might get injured while running errands and you need a quick first aid. You will require a sharp knife to cut a piece of cloth to clot the wound. With a lightweight, durable and super sharp knife, you will overcome any obstacle without a struggle.

On a positive note,

Best Fixed Blade Knife

When you are going for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, hunting, combat training or any other activity, it is wise to carry the best fixed blade knife. Such a knife will greatly save you when you need to cut firewood, cut rope, make a shelter or even skin game. After all, you cannot do all those tasks with your hands, right?

For most people, they think that a perfect survival knife should have a very long handle and a chainsaw-like blade.

This is not the case. In fact,

best electric knife

Looking forward to carving tough meats, filleting fish and slicing bread?

The best electric knives in the market right now can sort you out. Traditional knives can complete all three in remarkable fashion.

So, why go out and spend even an extra dollar for a best rated electric knife?

The best electric knife for cutting meat, for instance, empowers you to do so with pronounced consistency and less effort. It also helps slash meat and fillet prep times significantly.

Best Spyderco Knife

When I first reviewed Spyderco knives, I didn’t know much, but I was passionate about them. Now it’s been years since then, and my wife and I are now true Spyderco knife fanatics.

As much as we have expanded our horizons to using other types of knives from other companies too, we still have a special place for the Spyderco knives in our hearts.

We own a great collection of these knives just because we love them and they deserve to be in our home. To hold a Best Spyderco Knife is to experience true quality in the palm of your hand.

No other Infographic is as details as this one!

Many of us use kitchen knife without knowing any manual and often make accident because of this. In this Infographic we showed some very basic manual about how to use your kitchen knives properly.


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