The Best Garlic Peeler

In the right amounts, garlic can add a touch of brilliance to your recipes. However, peeling them manually is time-consuming and will leave you with stinky hands. The other alternative is pressing them with your knife, however, this usually leaves you with crushed cloves.

Fortunately, there is a third option – you can use a garlic peeler to make the process easier. In this guide, we take a look at the market offerings in search of the best garlic peeler available.

The garlic press is the most efficient tool to help you peel garlic cloves faster and in higher volume. This kitchen utensil is available with materials like plastic or stainless steel and a handle that gives you a solid grip over it. This tool allows you to peel and smash around three garlic cloves simultaneously, and they have a self-cleaning mechanism to remove the garlic clove skin without getting your hands dirty.

Another option is the silicone tube peeler, which is more popular, less expensive, and relatively easier to use. All you need to do is to put the garlic cloves inside of the tube, and roll it over a flat surface like a table. However, this type of peeler can only handle one garlic clove at a time, and it has other disadvantages that may be a deal-breaker.

Types of Garlic Peeler

These are the most popular types of garlic peelers. 

Handheld Garlic Press

The garlic press features a stainless steel build, making it sturdy and durable. It has handles with a soft grip and a comfortable design to squeeze them with ease. There’s also a small chamber where you can put two or three medium-sized garlic cloves. Approximately, it takes about thirty seconds to peel the garlic cloves and remove the skin out of the chamber. You can also get a small brush to clean the press without the garlic smell sticking to your fingers.

Downside: If you don’t have the brush, you must clean the garlic press by hand.

Garlic Shaker

The garlic shaker allows you to peel multiple garlic cloves in less than thirty seconds by just shaking it. This item comes with BPA-free plastic and you can insert it into the dishwasher for easier cleanup. While it’s a bit bulky, the shaker has a sleek design that looks well in most kitchens.

Downside: Shaking to get the garlic cloves peeled can be exhausting.

Tube Roller

Usually made with silicone, the tube roller peeler helps you peel garlic cloves by putting them inside and rolling it. This type of peeler is the most affordable, but it does come with some disadvantages. The biggest issue is that you can only peel one garlic clove at a time with this tool. Plus, it can be time-consuming and frustrating.

Downsides: Only works with one garlic clove at a time, and you must clean it by hand. Also, rolling the tube can tire your hand after peeling three or four cloves.

Electric Peeler

An automatic garlic peeler has plastic and stainless steel materials. It comes with a container to hold multiple garlic cloves, and you don’t have to put in any effort during the peeling. This device also chops, so you can also chop veggies with it. Compared to the other peelers, this one is more expensive and not as widely available. However, it does peel the cloves faster.

Downsides: Works with electricity so you can’t use it if there isn’t an outlet nearby. Also, cleaning this type of peeler is troublesome.

Top 10 Garlic Peelers of 2024

1. Zak Designs Silicone Garlic Peeler

silicone garlic peeler on amazon

This peeler comes from Zak Designs, a Washington-based manufacturer of dinner and drinkware founded in 1976. Originally making products geared for children’s mealtime, Zak has since expanded to cater to teens and adults.

Made out of silicone, this tool can help peel your garlic in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is put your cloves in the tube and press down firmly while rolling the tool until you hear crunching to separate the skin from the cloves.

To keep this silicone tube roller clean, be sure that you rinse it after use before sliding it back into the drawer. Or if you find yourself too busy to wash your kitchen gadgets individually, all you need to do is place it in a dishwasher!

When you use this tool, the garlic skin usually falls out from the tube with the clove itself. However, there may be times when it gets stuck inside the silicone peeler. To remove it, all you need to do is shake it out.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use solution, look no further than the Zak Designs Silicone Garlic Peeler!

Key Features

  • This silicone peeler will help keep your hands free from smelling like garlic.
  • Measuring only 5 inches long, this silicone peeler is very small and easy to store.
  • To ensure safety for you and your children, this tool is BPA-free.

2. OXO Good Grips Silicone Garlic Peeler

oxo garlic peeler

This entry into our list is made by OXO, a New York-based manufacturer of kitchen wares that take pride in their ergonomic approach to kitchen appliances.

Using this silicone garlic skin remover is very easy. Similar to the Zak Designs peeler, it’s as simple as placing the clove into the tube and rolling it with a firm downward press. As soon as you hear crunching, you’ll have peeled garlic ready to go!

Another huge benefit of this garlic peeler is that it’s easy to care for. All you need to do after use is place it in the top rack dishwasher since this tool is dishwasher-safe. Or if you prefer, you can give it a quick rinse by hand.

One thing to keep in mind using this peeler is that on thicker variants of garlic, you might need extra effort to peel all of its skin.

With its low price tag, simplicity of use, and ease to take care of, this is an excellent choice for peeling garlic.

Key Features

  • This silicone garlic peeler comes with a plastic box for easier and safer storage.
  • This peeler’s unique shape will ensure that your garlic clove stays inside during use.
  • OXO will donate 1% of the proceeds from their product sales to support environmental causes.

3. Maxracy Silicone Garlic Peeler


This product is offered by Maxracy, a company that provides products to help around the kitchen. Made out of durable silicone, this tool offers an easy solution to peel your garlic.

To use this peeler properly, you place the clove into the tube and press down while rolling it back and forth. Next, you should tip the product and the peeled cloves will fall out.

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After use, you can rinse this tool under running water and leave it out to dry. Alternatively, you can place it in a dishwasher.

One of the best features of this tool is that the space is large enough to put in multiple cloves, although you shouldn’t place an entire large bulb in it.

Depending on the garlic, you’ll also need to vary your hand pressure to remove the skin properly. Some will peel with the slightest pressure, some others will need you to press down hard.

Sold in two-packs at a very affordable price tag, the Maxracy Silicone Garlic Peeler can be one of the cheapest options for your peeling needs!

Key Features

  • The silicon material of this tool has mold-resistant properties.
  • By using this silicone peeler, you can stop getting stinky hands after peeling garlic manually.
  • This peeler is FDA-certified, so your safety is guaranteed.

4. ZYLISS Garlic Peeler

zyliss garlic skin remover

This tool is offered by Swiss company Zyliss, a kitchen gadget manufacturer that aims to delight the customers who use their products. With more than 60 years of experience, Zyliss is a brand respected by home cooks and gourmet chefs alike.

This silicone garlic peeler is very easy to use. All you need to do is place the clove inside the tube and press down while rolling the tool back and forth. To prevent slipping, your countertop should be kept dry.

The size of this tool also helps you insert multiple cloves inside, allowing you to peel garlic quicker.

Although it’s originally meant to keep the peel and cloves from falling out, the bumps on the inside of this tool may make it harder to insert odd-shaped garlic pieces. To counteract this, you can reverse the product and have the smooth side in, eliminating this issue.

With a very, very low price and boasting a 5-year guarantee, the Zyliss Garlic Peeler will help you save lots of time in the kitchen.

Key Features

  • The tool’s size makes it ideal for cleaning both small and large garlic cloves.
  • For easy care, this peeler only needs a hand wash with soapy water after use.
  • This product is very lightweight, weighing in at only 0.08 pounds.

5. Prepworks By Progressive Garlic Peeler

progressive garlic clove peeler

Washington-based Progressive has over 40 years of experience in innovating kitchen tools that inspire creativity. They are also known for offering functional products with stylish designs, and this silicone peeler is no exception.

This product is made very easy to use. To operate this tool, you load in 1-3 garlic cloves into the silicone tube and then roll it on the table, making sure to press down on it so the skin separates.

Buyers should keep in mind that its size might make it more challenging to peel larger garlic cloves.

Boasting simplicity of operation and a striking design, the Prepworks By Progressive Garlic Peeler can be your go-to solution for your garlic-peeling needs.

Key Features

  • This tool features a hard nylon tip that helps you remove garlic cloves from the bulb so you can peel them easier.
  • This peeler features tapered ends so you can load and remove garlic cloves easier.
  • For easy care and cleaning, this peeler is dishwasher-safe.

6. Johouse Silicone Garlic Roller Peeling Tube

garlic skin cleaner tube

This silicone garlic peeler comes from Johouse, a brand that sells kitchen tools, decorations, housewares, and other consumer products on Amazon.

Like most other products of its type, you use this peeler by placing your cloves inside the silicone tube and starting to roll it back and forth while applying pressure. Once you’ve done this, you tip the tool over to retrieve the peeled garlic.

To help you place garlic inside, this tool features tapered ends so it can catch the cloves easier. For ease of cleaning, this product is also dishwasher-safe!

Sold in sets of three at a very affordable price, the Johouse Silicone Garlic Roller Peeling Tube can be a very valuable tool if you cook with garlic regularly.

Key Features

  • This garlic roller features a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with it.
  • For easy storage, this product includes a hole at the end of the handle so you can hang it in your kitchen.
  • The silicone surface will not leak any odors or chemicals into your cloves.

7. Sinnsally Garlic Skin Remover

three different colored tube

This garlic peeler is offered by Chinese-based Sinnsally, a company that provides affordable kitchen wares on Amazon.

Made out of food-grade silicone, this product features a very easy way to peel garlic – just place the cloves inside the tube, press down firmly, and roll it back and forth. You’ll have a peeled clove in no time at all.

Due to its design, you don’t need to scrape the peeled cloves like you would with other tools. Just tip the silicone tube over and your clove will fall out on its own.

While this silicone garlic peeler doesn’t have a box for storage like the OXO Good Grips Peeler, this product can be stored by hanging it by the provided hole.

With its affordable price tag and 3-in-1 pack, the Sinnsally Garlic Skin Remover is a cheap, effective solution for garlic peeling!

Key Features

  • This tool features internal wave points on the inside to facilitate easier peeling.
  • The size of these peelers allows it to accommodate bigger cloves.
  • You can easily remove leftover skin from these garlic peelers by rinsing in warm water.

kun rikon swiss peeler

This item comes from Kuhn Rikon, a Swiss company founded in 1926 that specializes in innovative food preparation products.

Featuring a carbon steel blade, this peeler provides an easy way to remove the skin from your garlic by simply running this tool over it. Used correctly, you’ll have peeled cloves in seconds.

Weighing in at only 1.6 ounces, this garlic clove peeler is very lightweight and its versatile design also makes it easy to use whether you’re right-handed or left-handed.

The sharp carbon steel blade will stay sharp for a long time, but to keep it in tip-top shape remember to always hand wash and dry it with a towel immediately after use. This prevents the tool from dulling or developing rust.

In addition to cleaning, another way to prevent this tool’s blade from rusting is by blowing it with a blowdryer or dab a bit of rubbing alcohol after use.

Due to this tool’s sharpness, we recommend that you keep this product away from children to prevent any accidents.

With its affordable price and unmatched performance, the Kuhn Rikon Original Swiss Peeler soars above its competitors.

Key Features

  • These peelers come in a set of 3 at a very affordable price.
  • This product features several bright and attractive color variants.
  • In addition to being a great garlic and potato peeler, this tool also features a potato eye remover.

Why Do You Need Silicone Garlic Peeler?

Silicone garlic peelers are thin yet sturdy, allowing you to apply as much pressure as needed over the garlic cloves to peel the skin off. While it may seem fragile, a quality silicone peeler can last several years with proper care. Using this tool is simple and easy, meaning that experienced and inexperienced home cooks can do it without a hassle. It’s one of the most affordable and easiest methods to turn a full garlic head into a delicious pulp to flavor your dishes.

How Does a Silicone Garlic Peeler Work?

Step 1: Separate the Garlic Cloves – Pick a garlic head and start separating it into cloves. Use dry garlic if you want a hassle-free procedure. Garlic with slightly damp skin will make it harder for you to peel it regardless of the quality of your garlic peeler.

Step 2: Put the Cloves into the Peeler – Grab the garlic cloves and put them inside the sleeve of the garlic peeler. Keep in mind that the size of the peeler’s container determines how many cloves you can peel at a time. If the cloves are big, you will only fit one or two. However, the peeler will fit around three or four garlic cloves if they’re small.

Step 3: Roll the Peeler – Place the garlic peeler horizontally over a flat surface, and roll it back and forth with your hand applying pressure on it. Don’t press it too hard, or you will bruise the garlic. Make 10 to 20 back and forth motions, and it should be enough. 

Step 4: Check the Garlic – Tilt the garlic peeler over the table or cutting board to release the peeled garlic cloves. The clove may still have some of the skin attached, but you can remove it using your fingers gently. 

Step 5: Clean the Garlic Peeler – Check inside the garlic peeler to find and remove any skin left behind.

Peelers You Should Avoid

After covering which peelers are a must, now I’ll tell you which garlic peelers you should avoid at all costs.

Roll Up Garlic Peelers: Roll-up garlic peelers are a decent choice, but not all of them work as expected. You have to either peel the garlic cloves one by one or apply a lot of pressure that leaves you exhausted. Use this type of peeler if there are no other tools around but avoid it if you find any other options available.

Thicker Silicone Tubes: Thick silicone tubes are friendlier to your hands, but they’re not as effective as thin tubes to remove the garlic skin. A thicker silicone also reduces the amount of space inside the tube, making it harder for you to place large or extra-large garlic cloves in it.

Factors to Consider Before a Purchasing Garlic Peeler

The materials and peeler size have a significant impact on how many garlic cloves you can peel. You also have to consider the price, as some peeler types are more affordable and easier to use than others. Let’s talk about everything you should know to buy the ideal garlic peeler.

1. Material

The most popular garlic peeler features all silicone, which is simple but enough to get the job done. Rubbing the garlic cloves against this material helps loosen the garlic cloves when you roll them over a flat surface, but you still have to use your fingers to remove the skin afterward.  It is effective but takes more time, and it is not as efficient as the garlic press.

Go with a garlic press instead of conventional peelers if you want better results. Pressers come in different materials, which we’ll describe below.

Plastic. This material is the cheapest. Plastic garlic pressers have bright colors that make them eye-catching, and you can clean them in a few seconds. On the other hand, plastic is not as durable as other materials. Keep that in mind if you need a long-lasting peeler.

Aluminum. Pressers with aluminum parts are more durable than plastic and are more reliable overall. You can also process several cloves of garlic at once, something that plastic can’t do efficiently. Another reason to consider aluminum is the price, which is lower than stainless steel. These pressers are dishwasher safe, but you should wash them by hand and regularly. They require special attention to maintain their shape and outer coating.

Stainless Steel. A garlic press with stainless steel materials is the most expensive and high-end alternative to consider. Stainless steel garlic pressers are the most durable option, and they’re ideal if you peel garlic cloves constantly. It can also resist rust or corrosion, but it’s prone to marks if it makes contact with sharp objects.

2. Peeler Size

The size varies depending on the type of garlic peeler. Since our primary recommendation is the garlic press, you must choose one with a large handle and plenty of space to fit the cloves. This way, it’ll be easier to apply pressure to peel and smash the garlic cloves efficiently.

A garlic press usually measures around 7.6 inches long and 2 inches in width and height. This item has a long handle that gives you outstanding balance and leverage. You can also fit two medium-sized garlic cloves or three small ones, which are perfect for home and restaurant use.

Another excellent option is the garlic shaker, which is larger and peels around five garlic cloves at once. Nonetheless, the size of this tool can make it difficult to find a spot for it in small kitchens.

3. Price

The price of the garlic peeler depends a lot on the materials. Classic silicone tubes are probably the cheapest option at around $6. These are the ones you need if you’re a home cook that doesn’t handle high volumes of garlic. Stainless steel pressers start at $16, and these come in handy if you’re an entry-level or intermediate chef.

4. Ease of Use

Choose a simple option that peels the garlic without major complications. Avoid any press with clunky handles or intricate mechanisms that could be dangerous. Ideally, we recommend choosing a garlic press with a soft grip to get a firm hold on the handle. They are easier to use and you can prep as many garlic cloves as necessary safely.

5. Easy to Clean

Look for a peeler that is easy to use but also hassle-free to clean. Some garlic pressers are dishwasher-safe, allowing you to put it on the top rack and start the washing cycle. If you buy a garlic press with steel blades, it should be dishwasher-safe. Otherwise, you will have to clean them by hand. Alternatively, plastic and silicone peelers are easier to wash by hand because you don’t have to stick your fingers into tricky joints.

I cleaned the garlic peeler, but now it smells bad. How do you get garlic smell out of the garlic peeler?

Put the garlic peeler or press under warm water for some time, and then use undiluted dish detergent to cover it. Scrub it using a dish scrubber or brush, and let it rest for some time. Wash it with the soap, and your garlic peeler should be free of odor. If the smell is still around, all you have to do is repeat the process until it goes away.

Closing Words

Having a peeler handy will help you save time and will prevent stinky hands. Ideally, the best garlic peeler should be easy to use, easy to clean, durable, and effective. With that said, here are our picks:

Thanks to its versatility and ease of use, the Kuhn Rikon Garlic Peeler tops our list. Its lightweight and ergonomic design, as well as its ability to peel other foods, makes it our favorite.

Coming in at a very close second is the Zak Designs Silicone Garlic Peeler thanks to its affordability and portability.

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