Best Knife For Cutting Raw Meat in 2017 – Guide & Reviews

Cooking is an art too; I love to think so. As a professional cook, you can agree with me that a knife is a basic tool. Unlike many people who can use one knife to cut across many kitchen tasks, but for the chefs, we love great knives. We invest so much in knives.

Having a quality set of knives that are designed to chop down specific functions is all we want. The problem comes in finding the best knives. As a professional chef, I had to test various types of knives meant to cut raw meat. Now I present you the ultimate list of the best knives crafted just for raw meat.

Best Knife For Cutting Raw Meat - Reviews

1. Victorinox Wide RB Slicer

Victorinox Wide RB Slicer

The Victorinox Wide RB Slicer is the number one slicing and carving knife. Designed by also number one brand of professionals for professionals, this knife is here to revolutionize your experience in the kitchen from now on. 

It is a 12-inch size knife that is crafted from high-quality carbon. This is to ensure you use it for as long as possible.

The Victorinox Wide RB Slicer features a stainless blade made from tough steel. With the black fibrox/nylon handle, you will comfortably slice pounds and pounds of meat without getting blisters. The handle is also one and a half inch wide meaning it can accommodate your medium sized hand perfectly.

The 12-inch blade will allow you slice down long and smooth strokes for you to be able to prepare sizable and delicious steak. Besides, the knife has a stamped construction meaning its light in weigh and will not slip off your hand easily.


  • The knife is durable
  • It's light in weight
  • It is easy to maintain
  • Offers fine slicing
  • Has alternating scallops
  • It can resist stains


  • It is stamped therefore it can bend easily
  • The nylon handles can easily detach from the blade
  • It is not suitable for hard meat

2. J. A Henckels International Bonning Knife

J. A Henckels International Classic 5.5- Inch Stainless Steel Bonning Knife

The J. A Henckels International Classic 5.5- Inch Stainless Steel Bonning Knife has the heft and shape of the classic chef's knife. It is made to serve a variety of purposes in the kitchen but what it does best is removing bones from white meat.

The J. A Henckels International Classic 5.5- Inch Stainless Steel Bonning Knife is a forged blade constructed of stainless steel.

 This knife can slice your meat for as long as possible. Maintaining it is also easy because the steel doesn't stain easily. The knife also comes with a full tang, three rivet and black plastic handle that is extremely comfortable to handle.

Carved with the aid of modern technology, this knife is here to give you another experience breaking the normal slicing knife style. In a nutshell, the small knife has a strong blade, straight edge for cutting plus an incredibly sturdy tip.


  • The knife can peel and cut fruits and vegetables respectively
  • It is extremely safe to use
  • The blade is stainless
  • The grip is ergonomic
  • The knife is a forged original


  • The knife is expensive
  • It is short
  • Needs often sharpening.

3. Victorinox Cutlery  Straight Butcher Knife

Victorinox Cutlery 12-Inch Straight Butcher Knife

The Victorinox Cutlery 12-Inch Straight Butcher Knife is from a brand that for many years has reigned the cutlery production sector. It is reputable and just like it, and the knives are loved across international borders.

Also whenever you see a deletion show of a professional cook, the victorinox cutlery is always behind the delicious scenes.

The butcher knife is a 12 inch in size. It is also tough enough to handle 24 7 butchering job with so much ease. You can also use it to cut roasted meat and slice down big chunks of meat.

Similarly, the high-quality carbon and stainless steel blade will offer you maximum sharpness. The edges are retainable because you can ice tamper to maintain sharpness. On the same note, the knife is a stamped knife meaning it is light and sharpening is easy.

Maintaining the knife is easy because you only need to hand wash it. Besides its imported.


  • The knife is slip resistant
  • It is the perfect size
  • It has all the basic features of a good knife
  • The blade is incomparably sharp
  • Has comfortable and safe handles
  • The blade is NSF approved


  • The blade is bolster-less
  • Needs frequent sharpening
  • It can bend easily

4. 14-Inch Granton Edge Turkey Slicing Knife

14-Inch Granton Edge Turkey, Salmon, Ham Slicer, Meat Slicing Knife

The 14-Inch Granton Edge Turkey, Salmon, Ham Slicer, Meat Slicing Knife has all the qualities a great cook looks for in a slicing knife.

You can rely on this knife because it's crafted from ICEL, a well-known brand. This knife is environmentally friendly and safe. The 14-Inch blade features a rounded tip for safety.

You will also get to enjoy long and fine slicing. Constructed from high-quality carbon, the knife guarantees you durability. The blade is also stainless and requires minimal maintenance.

To add on that, the blade is also stamped. It has a conical ground giving it a wider breaking point. The sharpness is ice tempered to last longer so that you may not have to keep sharpening often.


  • Granton edge is easy to sharpen
  • The knife has a comfortable grip
  • It is great for commercial and home cooking
  • Easy to maintain
  • Sustainable sharpness
  • High-quality knife


  • Bolsterless
  • Can't be used to slice hard food because it has high chances of bending

5. 12- Inch Granton Edge Turkey Slicing Knife

12- Inch Granton Edge Turkey, Salmon, Ham Slicer, Meat Slicing Knife

I love how the modern technology has transformed everything in our lives today. That is why I couldn't miss having one knife on this list that has the touch of modernity.

ICEL produce incomparable knives that have everything you as a professional cook looks for in your kitchen accessories. The knife, most commonly used to slice meat, can also slice chicken and seafood.

 The blade is 12 inch in length, and its tip is rounded to ensure safe use. On the same note, the long blade will allow you to slice your meat in a fine manner. The cutting surface is amazingly sharp, and you just won't believe how fast you can dice with it.

The stamped blade is crafted from cold and rolled steel which is stain and rust free making the blade perfect for home and money-making use.


  • It is a high-quality blade
  • Designed for safe use
  • Can be hand washed
  • The blade is sharp
  • It is NSF approved
  • Performs excellently


  • Easily malleable
  • Bolster less

Things To Consider For Best Knife For Cutting Raw Meat

When you set out to look for a raw meat cutting knife, you will realize that many stores have people who are ready to assist you to choose the best knife. Most of them just want their stocks to be sold, and you may end up making a mistake.

It is, therefore, good to remind yourself of the following basic elements that will guide you through the best knife choosing process.


Sometimes knives are like pets, they pick their owners, and you barely pick them. That is why when you are looking for a knife, pick it and hold it your hands to feel it. I suggest you search for a well-rated knife that has comfortable handles which are also balanced.


Most people leave their knives unwashed, or they put the knives along dishes in the dishwasher. Because of that, the knives don't last. If you want the knife you pick to last longer and slice better, you need to take good care of it. For that reason, I suggest you choose a high-quality knife that's stainless and don't require often honing.

Cooking Style

If you are buying a whole set of knives, you should then consider your style of cooking. For a specialized dish, select a set of many knives. You may also buy additional ones separately. In the case of slicing meat, choose a stronger knife. The Santoku works best for those who love fine slicing.

Quality Of The Knife

A knife is either forged or stamped. Forged knives tend to be of high quality because they are crafted from molten steel. The blade is, therefore, tough, has bolster and heel for protecting the hand.

They are don't bend easily and last longer. Stamped knives are of good quality. Despite the fact that they are a total opposite of forged knives, they perform marvelously.

Know The Basics

Buying a knife is also like buying your clothes. You have to know your size. If you want to equip your kitchen fully with knives, great knives are eight inches long. You can use this knife for slicing, chopping and dicing many foods. In the case of raw meat, you need a slicer. It's four to six inches and a bit thinner for convenience.

Final Verdict

When you have top notch kitchen appliances together with good cooking pots and pans, is there any reason to have clumsy knives? The above knives, my team and I tested them to measure how well they can cut and retain their ages after slicing and chopping.

We also gauged the ease of use in terms of grip comfort and the general experience. We found out they are incredible. It's time for you to enjoy their greatness.

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